Alphabet Soup

On Monday I had all of these grande ideas about what I was going to do with my final week off. I had a list of things to accomplish, an itinerary for the week, and a good feeling about it… Now, as I sit here drinking my Chai Latte sprinkled with Cinnamon (yes… Starfucks… shut up) I am realizing that my procrastination problems are a lot worse than I had thought.

Not only did I not accomplish even half of the things on my list… but I didn’t accomplish the most important things, the things that i’m not gonna have time to do when I go back to work. What did I accomplish you ask?! Not much… i’ll tell you that. At least I have a clean house, dry cleaned clothes and come tomorrow a French manicure. You know… the essentials.

Oh yeah… having two babies in a Mini Cooper is proving to be quite hillarious too. The Jeep is in for service, so the past two days the spawnettes and I have been driving around in the Coop. It works, but it’s tight… You would have to saw off my arm and gouge my eyes out to make me give that car up though… and even then, I could get a prosthetic arm and sometimes being blind isn’t such a bad thing. I like sunglasses… and when i’m having my soup I can tell which letters of the alphabet i’m eating by the way they feel on my tongue.

Today is Friday… which means, happy hour starts early and I have a vintage bottle of German reisling in the fridge with my name on it.

Now… what was I doing?! Ahhh who gives a fuck. I’m watching IFC.


29 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Enjoy your last workday at home with your babies! Do whatever makes you happy. The rest will fall into place.


  2. I’m starting to think that every person who writes a blog is a procrastinator, including myself. For some reason, that doesn’t keep any of us from blogging. Blogging must be the thing that keeps us from doing all the “important” stuff that we should be doing. Oh well. If you rearrange your priorities and make the fun stuff your important stuff then you can pretend that you are getting things done!

    Just put drinking coffee and wine at the top of your To Do List and you should be all set.

  3. lawryde: right you are!! so right!

    thanks b… the babes are in daycare today, so it’s just me and my procrastination.

    fred – i think you’re on to something… procrastination and blogging go hand in hand. in fact blogging is a distraction from all things important… but blogging IS important at the same time… hmmm interesting.

    is it happy hour yet?

  4. yep… my mini mees as i also like to refer to them.

    IFC is the independent film channel… i subscribe to it, some choice flicks on this channel.

  5. I’ve come to see blogging as the ultimate procrastination tool. My best posts are usually the result of having something more pressing and urgent to do (like have life-saving surgury, or put out that fire up in the attic), but blogging is so much more fun.

    Thanks for the killer list of winning-losing combos, by the way. Sake and Karaoke? I’m guessing that’s under not-so-winning combos? Must’ve been fun.

  6. Thanks Stringman!!! I enjoyed putting them together. I’ll swing by if I think of any more.

    Oh and btw… au contraire my friend… SAKE & KARAOKE… WINNING!!!! So winning!

  7. Ben-O: Good to see you again dude, I thought you took me off of your reading list.

    Poobah: Mouth Orgasms… You should try it. Damn good!!!

  8. I prefer beer or a chardonnay with a steak myself, compared to a reisling, but all three will do the trick. Enjoy your last weekend and the wine. By my watch it’s almost 4pm where you are, so you can officially start happy hour…

  9. lists suck! chardonnay is good, as is sauvignon blanc… or cabernet sauvignon…. i like all fine wines.

    what did you think it was rm? just out of curiosity… 😉

  10. I have left comments but they don’t seem to show up!!! AAAAAAAHHHH! Hope this one does!

    Oh no! It is over already! I am sure all will go well! As for Starbucks, enjoy!

    My piercings… you asked me once, I answered but cyberspace gobbled it up it seems! Nothing hardcore as the hubby would not be too crazy about that… I have 3 on my left ear, 4 on my right and a nose ring… but I got me a nice diamond for the nose ring, custom made by Indian Jewelers!

    Love those toys and yes, your cowboy idea would be gold!

    Well, better go get my boy out of timeout!

  11. Nicole: Done sister.

    MizB: I’m sorry for the incompetence you are experiencing with my site… I’m having this comment moderation issue. It doesn’t tell people when their comments are awaiting moderation…. I deleted the duplicate though. I’m hoping to resolve this issue soon.

  12. I think the blogging/procrastination connection is a good one. I was thinking the other day of starting a procrastination club, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    Maybe tomorrow I will.

    Yeah, right, tomorrow..


  13. Hey SeLiNa.

    I hope you have a great weekend and that you’re transition back into work goes smoothly…

    I know it’s sucky coming back from a week or two of holidays, so I can’t imagine how you’re feeling about the thought of returning. I’m sure you’ll be fine though.

    The term ‘spawnettes’ amused me for some reason…

    Anyway, take care out there!

    Your Pal,


    Here’s a joke…Maybe you’ve already heard it.

    This guy goes to a pet store and is interested in getting a parrot.

    There’s a really cool one, but he used to be owned by a pirate. (Most parrots will outlive their owners, and the pirate lifestyle greatly increases the likelihood of this)…

    Anyway, he likes the parrot, but it keeps saying, “Fuck you, one-eye!”

    The pet store clerk says that if you put him in the freezer for a few minutes every time he says that, he should stop. (They frown upon doing that in the pet store, but he had read about it somewhere).

    So this seems reasonable to the guy and he buys the bird. He takes him home and immediately, the parrot says, “Fuck you, one-eye!”…The guy promptly puts him in the freezer for five minutes. When he takes the bird out, he says it again. This cycle of freezer time-outs and “Fuck you, one-eye!” goes on for most of the evening.

    Finally the guy decides to put the bird in the freezer overnight. That oughta teach him who’s boss!

    The next morning, he opens the freezer door and the bird had one wing covering his eye and the other giving him the finger…

    Boy that was a long way to go for that…It’s funnier when you tell it and cover one eye while giving the finger…

    I hope you liked it.

  14. Love this section, selina:
    You would have to saw off my arm and gouge my eyes out to make me give that car up though… and even then, I could get a prosthetic arm and sometimes being blind isn’t such a bad thing. I like sunglasses… and when i’m having my soup I can tell which letters of the alphabet i’m eating by the way they feel on my tongue.

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