Turn Me On Tuesday: Valentines Day Edition

Not the flowers & candy type? Just think Love in general SUCKS?! Well then, this is the post for you My Bloody Valentine. Who knew Alice Cooper was such a necrophiliac!

Guido Sarducci of the Vatican preaches the importance of Finding Your Soulmate. Just make sure that your soulmate is a human (preferably Catholic), and not a pool jet… Boy talk about a teeny weeny.

Not depressed about Valentines Day yet? Visit Postsecret and check out their Valentines Day series… Some of them are just heartwrenching. I guess the fact that they are so real is what makes them so raw.

Ladies… Did you just pick up Cosmo Mag or find your boyfriend’s Maxim under the bed and now feel like launching yourself off of a bridge?! Have no fear, Selina is here… And I have something to make you feel better. That hot bitch on the cover ain’t all that and a bag of chips… Check this out. Thanks to Trace @ Duh for scouting out this one.

Sam’s got something to make you smile. Somehow I don’t think there’s chocolates or edible undies in that heart shaped box… Molotov cocktail?!… Maybe! Either that or some anthrax laced Turkish Delight. Mmm haven’t had that in a while.

Neil Shakespeare has a special Mary Magdalene Valentine that everybody needs to see. Simply brilliant. Dude has mad skill and brains to kill.

Don’t forget to swing by B’s place and leave her a haiku. It’s her birthday, it’s Valentines Day… And she is one sexy goddess! Don’t forget to tell her that NB isn’t worthy…


11 thoughts on “Turn Me On Tuesday: Valentines Day Edition

  1. Happy Valentines Day Patrick!!!

    K: Those links are depressingly wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cartoon… Amazing! Thank you!

  2. Hey Selina,
    You’re the best. Thanks for your kind words here, and on my blog.

    Happy birthday to your two little ones. Until recently, I’ve always loved having my b-day on V-day.

    Have a great rest of your week home!

  3. Thanks for the plug! Since you are the only one who left a comment regarding my post, I can only assume that you alone have as twisted a sense of humor as I have!

    Happy V-Day!

  4. Hey SeLiNa!

    I wanted to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

    Also happy birthday wishes to your little girls!

    I hope that you all had a super special day!

    Try to enjoy your last week away from work. With any luck, your reintegration into the work force won’t dull your senses too much and you’ll still be able to keep on top of things…and continue posting the great blogs!

    Take care out there!

    Your Pal,


  5. Hey there. I hope you’re enjoying your last week of freedom as much as you can. Be happy. Stay away from that “lildepressedboy” website. Gee. They sure are sad…

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