The Calm Before The Storm

Everything is eerily silent… Quiet. No wind, no rain, no sound. Just me, here with my Chinese noodles and my thoughts about what’s to come.

I am sitting in the calm before the storm.

This week is my last week of being at home. My last week of having the luxury to blog whenever I want to, watch my favourite comedy – the Price is Right, sit around in my pajamas as long as I want to, or eat leftover Chinese food for breakfast.

As of Monday, it’s back to work… Back to my former corporate self. You know, the one who never eats breakfast, can’t wear cheeky logo shirts to work on a casual Friday and spends lunch hours hunched over a laptop answering emails to clients and trying to finish the quarterly review presentation in time for a two o-clock meeting.

Ahhh yes… The bad coffee, the small talk, the $0.05 words, meeting after meeting after meeting, the rush hour traffic, the cell phone bills, the “team building” events, the trips to the washroom to adjust my pantyhose… And that smell, that corporate smell that lingers in the office air.

For now, it is calm. I am still. I am mindful of breath. I am at peace.


22 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm

  1. Noooo!!!

    Don’t do it! Oh, man. I feel your pain!

    On the other hand, could be more fodder for the blog….yay!

    BTW…I saw that I was added as a link. I’ll add you as well because, well, you’ve got some seriously weird sh** on this thing and I can’t get enough of it! 😛

  2. You just reminded me…I really miss wearing cheeky tee shirts. I have some of the best “funky 70s black chick” tee shirts. But, I’m thinkin’ I’ma hafta git ona those funky ass Rick James tees. And the Oops one. I like that one.

  3. I don’t know what to say.
    Have fun.
    Look at all you have accomplished on your time off. You have done more in less time then people have done in a lifetime.
    You are a great person.
    Glad we have gotten the chance to have our blogs run parallel for a while before the world sucks out the creativity from our souls with their selfish demands.
    Don’t forget, when we get rich and famous, we have to look each other up and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.
    (It sounds like I am typing good bye as if one of us is dying… I guess a part of you is- the free to wear pajamas and do what ever you want part is.)
    I have already died and have been reborn in the mother/worker/student world.
    When something has to give, the blog will forgive.
    I am feeling poetically nauseating- totally a symptom from a lack of blogging on a regular basis.
    DON’T GIVE UP OR YOU TOO WILL END UP LIKE ME, babbling nonstop nonsense in comment fields.
    Anyway- have fun at work [shudders as if ‘work’ is a bad word as devastating as the plague]
    Ok… I have to go finish an essay now.

  4. nicely atmospheric description. hey you can do both – work and blog. i don’t blog about work – i can’t see the point of living in the place once i’m out of it. stay with it.

  5. Thanks guys… although i’m not super excited about not having as much “me time” I do have a pretty good gig, so c’est la vie I guess. Corporate culture just gets on my nerves sometimes that’s all…

    I’ll still be blogging though for sure, whether it’s on my lunch hour or in the evenings, I don’t know… but i’ll make it happen.

    Thanks for that link Johnie, that was totally my speed. I loved the remixed Jim Morrison track he used. Very very cool… I signed up for an account!

  6. I blog at work, at least I upload the files I work on at work. You might as well sponge as much off work as you can.

    Hell, work was very important to charging up my laptop whilst I have no electricity at home.

    Sadly as of today this little experiment has ended for tonight I get electricity back on. 5 months all gone.

    But there is one thing that I wish. I wish I could get pregnant so I could have 6 months maternity leave.

  7. What would any of us do without the rush hour traffic and waking up way to early, and I do love the Price is Right aswell. I miss watching that show. I’ve learned how to adjust my pantyhose at my desk.

    Wait…um…I don’t have a desk…or pantyhose

  8. I used to work at a bank and found myself losing it because of the Corporate culture affliated with it.

    Props to those who sit through corporate meetings worldwide!

    Selina, corporate is sooo not you!


  9. yah and just how many times are you supposed to say “Hi, how are you?” to the same pie-eyed person you see in the hallway twenty-five times a day?… how ’bout this time we just nod and leave it at that instead of saying something inane like “you again?” or “ah, we meet again,” or, “is that a hair weave or plugs?”

    and selina don’t abuse messenger… companies seem to think their employees are being totally unproductive when they engage in such behavior…they allegedly lose all kindsa money or some crap…yah right…whatever…

  10. Oh Selina,
    Going back to work is so hard. It gets easier though. I find that my time at work is my break! How sad is that?

    Good luck, and please keep blogging.


  11. Anthony: You are sooo right, but you know what… I’m damn good at my job and it pays the bills. So until I can become some creative guru dancing through fields of strawberries and creating beautiful magic… I’m stuck with it.

    Guys be thankful you don’t have to deal with pantyhose… they suck!!

    Oh and for whatever reason… my company is actually on board with the whole Messenger thing. Everybody uses it at work… Guess it’s an employee retention tactic… Seems to work though.

    Surprisingly, I am looking forward to going back in some ways. I am going to kick ass this year… just a feeling I have. I’m motivated.

  12. Kaysea… we don’t need to be rich and famous to hook up and celebrate… fuck i’ll call you when i’m in wisconsin!!!

    you rock too sister, love ya!!


  13. Well, going back to work may at least be a new source for bloggable material. Think of all those corporate assholes waiting to be unwittingly humiliated by a secret blogger. My nipples are hard just thinking of the possibilities!

  14. Selina,

    I’m right there with you (except maybe about the pantyhose thing). I start a job tomorrow for the first time in a year and they are already bugging me about deadlines.

    That corporate stench. It sticks to you like the smell from a skunk after it eats too many beans.

    Save us both!

  15. Hey Poobah,

    When you say not with Selina on the panyhose thing is that because you DO like wearing them or do you mean something else?

    Personally I prefer knee high socks but I am also akin to a nice pair of knee high boots. I have appalling ankles.

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