Tattoo Rationale

Yep, i’m talkin’ about tats again… sorry if i’m boring you. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, especially since I am anxiously awaiting my custom design piece to be finished (any day now).

I have been wondering lately when I will stop. When will enough be enough?! When will I reach that magical number that allows me to feel content with the art on my body and not have the desire for any more?!

So far my rationale has been like this:

1st tattoo / Welsh Dragon w/Moon / 18 years old
“I can’t have ONE tattoo… that’s just fuckin’ weird… Who the hell gets ONE tattoo?”

2nd tattoo / Om Symbol: The Sound of Creation / 22 years old
“Love this tattoo… but it needs a friend”

3rd tattoo / Celtic Infinity Dragon / 24 years old
” 3 is an uneven number, should probably get another”

4th tattoo / Twin Tribal Dragons (in progress) / 27 years old
” Isn’t 4 an unlucky number in China? Like the number of death or something. Better get a fifth.”

5th tattoo / Pheonix Rising from the ashes (to come…)

I am sure I will come up with a reason to get a sixth too… And then I won’t want to have six tattoos because, well… fuck, isn’t 6 the number of satan?! Maybe i’ll stop at 7, that’s a lucky number… but so cliche!

Maybe i’ll look like Bif Naked in a few years.


22 thoughts on “Tattoo Rationale

  1. I’m no great fan of tatoos myself, being too old and fat for one to keep its originial shape on my constantly morphing body. Plus, I understand they heart like the dickens and I’ve got enough pain already. But you could do worse that to look like Bif Naked.

    Judging from your Mom’s reaction maybe you should get a little heart with Mom on it for your bicep. You know, butter her up a little.

  2. you should get a tribal band around your bicep. that’s the coolest thing i’ve ever scene. i’m about to get ‘beserker’ tattooed on my forehead. awesome.

  3. Hi SeLiNa.

    I like your tats!

    Are you going to document your next one for a short film or something?

    This morning Stern mentioned a “Howard Stern Film Festival” coming soon, and I thought you might be interested…More details to follow, but the film should relate to his show and/or it’s recurring themes in some way. The festival is still pretty up-in-the-air though…

    I’ll let you know if/when I hear more.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

    Your Pal,


  4. Johnie: Or just Llanfair PG. for short. Anyone not well versed in Welsh culture is probably thinking that you had one too many drinks and started pressing random keys on the keyboard.

    FYI for those who don’t know: It’s the name of a place in Wales, the longest name in the world for a place.

    Ferve: I’d like to see your forehead tat when you’re done. If you chicken out you can always get it on your chest instead.

    I am thinking of doing a short little documentary at the tat shop… but i’ll have to feel out the artist first.

    BTW… Tat #4 is a symetrical design and will be smack dab in the centre of my back….

  5. Tattoos are fantastic and quickly dispell any fear you have of a needle. It just isn’t the same as getting a shot at the local doc. Once you have a tattoo inked, you find the pain to become somewhat euphoric.


  6. Cooooool thanks for sharing those pics Patrick. I love looking at tat photos. Pretty awesome that you got the GN tattoo, love the butterfly too, is that your wife’s tat?!

    You’re right about the pain… you do kind of settle into it after a while, and it becomes somewhat comforting in a weird way. I know that sounds fucked for anyone that doesn’t know what I mean.

    I find that the bonier areas hurt most… The one I have below my neck / upper back hurt like hell whenever it hit my spine. This next one will probably be the same deal…

  7. I think Tats are great incentive to stay thin. Rolls of fat with distorted tats just ain’t where it’s at. Keep doing it and stay beautiful. I suggest the number 11. Very Spinal Tap.

  8. you know what I got up this morning, if you would have told me that the last thing I would do for the day, would be a thorough examination of lingo slingers ass, and to my amazement, done from a completely clinical frame of mind, right up to the very second that I realized how absurd the whole process really was, I would’ve told you you are crazy. although now that it’s happened, I think it’s fair to suspect that I might be the one who’s completely crazy. is it the one with their ass exposed that is crazy, or is it the one who’s staring at the exposed ass that is crazy? these are questions that vex the semi intelligent mind.

  9. rev: you can see my ass? fuck, what kind of magnification are you using?


    i think we’re all crazy… just different degrees of craziness. i’ve never claimed to be normal, nor would i want to be.

    love life!

  10. Cool tattoos. You really can’t stop at 6 or 7. 8, if turned sideways is the symbol for infinity so once you get there, why stop?

  11. My goal is to end up with one tattoo that covers my entire torso. I’ve technically gotten 10, but when I consolidated them into a backpiece and a sleeve, I knocked it down to 8. When I finish my other sleeve it will end up 4. You always need to remember though, don’t take your tattoos too seriously, they’re only on you forever:)

  12. Hey, for your information, Bif Naked is very attractive. To me, at least.

    Methinks a tat (my first) is in order for yours truly very soon.

    Enjoy the upcoming tat/pain, Selina!

  13. Very nice work, and perfect locations so far. There are so few locations a woman can put just a few tattoos and still look good. That being said, when you get to Bif Naked level, it becomes cool again.

    By the way: Damn, Bif Naked is smoldering hot, girl! You could do a lot worse than her and still be smashing! Tear it up, girl!

  14. not that I want you to think that it is that important to me, but I used the charge card, and bought a few minutes of Hubble time to check out your ass. again not that it’s that important, I just felt, that your ass was important enough to me and needed to be examined in great detail. I have some guys coming out from the NSA to do a photo shoot with some macro lenses. I called in a few of the remaining chits that are left over from my father’s day’s, so that I can examine your ass and much closer detail, the Hubble won’t get as close in as I’d like, if you do not want to do the shoot with the guys in the NSA, that will not offend me in anyway. and again, I do not want you to think, that your ass is that important to me, but if you would be kind enough to e-mail me, or call me on my cell phone, the next time you’re going to have your ass on display, I would appreciate it.

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