Get Cozy

So, you might wanna settle in with a nice cuppa tea (or coffee, or vodka… whatever you prefer). I’ve been slackin’ a bit on my reading. It doesn’t help that Blogger has been acting like a flaky little bitch!! Anyway, forgive and forget. They have a new server now, so I am willing to give them another chance in the name of good faith.

Here’s what I’ve been diggin’ so far this week:

Jaded DJ has been booked… For a FUNERAL. Strange huh, but intriguing at the same time. To come to think of it, I think I’d like to have a DJ present at my funeral. Why not?! I am a big time music aficionado, it would make sense.

Speaking of death. I have decided to kill Podwhore. It’s just not going anywhere. I guess that’s what happens when you try to get creative when you’re smashed. If you want to say your last respects, feel free. She’s probably gonna be euthanized this evening.

Still on the topic of death (what do you expect, I’m a Scorpio) one of the most amazing and influential women in the history of the feminist movement has passed on. Betty Freidan:1921 – 2006. What a woman!!!

It would be nice if there were more people in the world making beautiful art like this. Imagine driving to work and rounding the corner seeing this… Tell me you’re not gonna smile.

Irony… It’s a wonderful thing. How very appropriate for the Vatican to seek out the ultimate spokesperson… The one that makes the most sense. The one that the clergy can most identify with… Jesus juice anyone?

Sam is getting into the marriage vow writing business, and rightfully so. I can see it now, one of her custies looking into the eye of his new bride-to-be saying “Baby, Marriage is like relaxing on a sunny beach. It can be rocky, you can get burned, and sometimes there’s bits of poo hiding below the surface.”

It looks like the superhot Danni Minogue has landed on Jupiter, meanwhile back on earth? Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss are really making some changes in their lives.

This cheap suited bastard just doesn’t get it… Probably never will. SCHRmm is a genuine woman, someone he probably doesn’t encounter in his day to day acrylic, leather faced existence.

I love learning new words, especially words that I can use!! Wanna learn? Go here.


7 thoughts on “Get Cozy

  1. damm that dude with SCHRmm, i’d like to kick his ass for him ):

    been trying to think of what misic i’d want at me funeral ? hmmmm maybe this or this (:

    got pissed the other night, woke up, i had made this, WTF


  2. Hey there. Thanks for the shout out (do people still use that phrase? Gosh, I’m feeling old). Anyway, can you believe how Monkey Man is single handedly helping bridge the world? Someone’s found me via you who I found via Our Pal Zambo. Lovely thing, it is.

  3. John Le Fucker, you have good taste in tracks I see… Although, i’m gonna have to opt for the Radiohead version of Creep, just because I love it so much!!!

    S: I’m glad we crossed paths!! It is a lovely thing indeed. BTW… Sorry about the comment thing. I have my comment moderation on, but unfortunately the notification thingee that usually lets the commenter know that the comment is awaiting moderation isn’t working.

  4. please do not kill the pod whore, she is in the first months of term. let the baby live, i cannot think of seeing the little pod whore all chopped up in pieces in a garbage can. i know it is your website, but pod whore has it’s own dna. what if your mother’s website had deleted all of your files? where would lingo be? maybe you should have used prevention before you went and made pod whore, but now that it has been created, how can you kill it? LET POD WHORE LIVE I BEG YOU! I WILL STUFF THE SUPREME COURT WITH JUDGES AGAINST KILLING POD WHORES!!!ONE DAY YOU WILL HAVE TO FLY TO MEXICO TO DELETE YOUR POD WHORE!!! I PROMISE YOU!!!I WILL ADOPT POD WHORE IF YOU WILL CARRY IT TO DELIVERY!!!

    this message brought to you by the TRTPW assoction.(the right to pod whores)

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