The Pain & The Pleasure

I can hear it now… The familiar buzz of the tattoo needle as it pierces the ink into my skin. I can feel the jolt of shocking (yet familiar) pain when the needle first hits. I can recall the comfort of settling into the annoyance of the pain and taking my mind elsewhere.

Yep… I remember. That’s pretty much what my afternoon is looking like. Going to the tat shop today to get my 4th tattoo, one that I’ve been thinking about and planning for a year. I’m ready! I just decided that I was ready last night… Wasn’t sure if I would still feel that way when I woke up (given the fact that my decision was made while slightly buzzed). Surely enough, I woke up today and said “Yes… Yes, I am ready. I am ready to do this.”

I need some help from an artist though, so I don’t know if they will be able to actually tattoo me today or not… Depends on how busy they are I guess.

We shall see…

Think about me when you’re sitting in the comfort of your living room sipping your tea while I am having a needle repeatedly pierce my skin in the name of art and individuality! 😉 It’ll be great… The end result, more so. I’m excited!!!


15 thoughts on “The Pain & The Pleasure

  1. I am tat-less motherfu**er. I feel so inadequate to respond.

    A video tour, when all is said and done, would be in order, I think.

    Enjoy the pain. Reminds me of my favorite relationship:

    The Masochist says “Hit Me!”
    The Sadist says “No!”

  2. That’s okay Stringman, it’s never too late to start a tattoo addiction.

    I got a good laugh out of your favourite relationship… thanks!!

  3. Congratulations on the new tattoo, I love going myself. I think I will be ready in a couple of months. I have to move the office first.

    Hope it goes well!

  4. Very disappointed… Just got back from my big adventure (which was well documented) and I have to wait TWO WEEKS for my tattoo!!! Apparently they have a lot of custom tat jobs on the go right now.

    Ahhh well… had an interesting afternoon anyway. Just gonna make a movie about it actually. Stay tuned…

  5. Hey SeLiNa.

    Sorry you have to wait…I hope you’re doing well otherwise.

    Looking forward to your movie!

    (Blogger’s been kinda sucky lately, so I’ll keep this comment brief).

    Take care.

    Your Pal,


  6. Seriously… Blogger is freaking me out, am I gonna lose all my posts or what?! Apparently they’re switching to a new server tomorrow… I’m nervous!

  7. I really don’t understand why ppl get tats that they end up covering up whenever they are in public. If it’s art show it off or get a painting.
    I drink coffee btw.

  8. schrmm – i’m getting one of the most meaningful important pieces thus far. it is a tribute to my daughters and my lifelong commitment to them.

    a sword with twin tribal dragons wrapped around it. it’s a symetrical design and will be in the center of my back… ouch!

  9. Wow, it’s sweet when other people are pimping out my blog.

    Anyway, Is that you back? It’s cool.

    I’m working on an old school sleeve on my left arm.

  10. macbros – i think it’s just one of those things in life that you’re either into or you’re not. i find tattoos incredibly sexy and absolutely beautiful. they tell a story, they’re like visual representations of a persons life and past. all of my tattoos are deeply meaningful to me, i am never ashamed of them, nor will i ever be.

    what kinda coffee do you drink anyway?

    lawryde – no that is not my back, just some awesome photo i found. i do love the style though. would love to see your sleeve when it’s done!

  11. The best tattoo I have ever seen was little tiny stars the size and colour of freckles placed in 10 different places on this girls body like her neck, under her knee etc. Kind of intimate and subtle.

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