The End

HOLY FUCK!!! It’s finished… I have finished my novel. I am kind of braindead right now and have been for a couple of days, so excuse my lack of witty banter. Every last drop of creative juice has been sucked out of my brain and poured into the last few pages of my book.

I can’t even explain to you how amazing it felt to type “the end”.

Don’t congratulate me yet though… I have LOTS of editing and fine tuning to do now, which will probably be more tedious than writing the book. I will be cutting, adding, and tweaking for at least another month or two (and maybe even that is overly ambitious).

If anyone knows any literary agents or publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts, be sure to let me know! That is of course, if they’d be interested in a novel about sex, drugs, and the rave scene.

Here are some web treats for you:
Put your feces under your pillow kids, because you’re getting a visit from the STOOL FAIRY!
Get Into Heaven and drink some Holy Water!!! Bottled water that’s been blessed!
I must have really bad taste, because I think some of these Euro circa 74 pads are pretty sweet!


9 thoughts on “The End

  1. Hmmmm- I might have to do some color coordinating and kick a horse and a car out of my kitchen but I agree, some of those ARE sweet. Like the orange bathroom. LOL And I’ll hold off on the MAIN congratulations, but congrats are still in order. That’s a hell of an accomplishment!

  2. Congrats! I am so happy for you! My the gods of editing look favorably upon you and may the Pidgeon of Fortune crap on your head 😉 Seriously, you should be proud of yourself. Most people can’t even string together a coherent sentence let alone write a book!

  3. WOW!!! I knew you could do it…not could but would. However it is passed November, I know you moved and all and lost your computer services but I think it would still be really funny to see you eat the Yorkshire Pudding mix…from your new bathroom!!! lol

  4. Thanks guys!! I am pretty happy about it. It felt strange to wake up today knowing that I didn’t have any more of the story to write.

    I won’t be consuming any Yorkshire pudding mix, that’s for damn sure! Remember my old computer? Yeah… That kind of put a damper on things. Good riddens to that PC of crap.

    Writing a book is one thing, but getting it published is another. For now i’m just “a writer” hopefully I will cross the threshhold and become “an author”.

  5. Congratulations! finally finished the INITIAL draft. Now comes the hard part….going all over it with an editor’s eye. Maybe you could send some to your trusted blogger friends so they can help you with the editing process before submitting to a publishing house.

  6. HAHA cool, if you aint already you should go out and get rat-arsed (: that’ll replenish those creative juices.

    by the way i love EUROBAD ’74, heaven. what the hourse in the kitchen about ?

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