Adulterous Horse Fuckers Loving My Site!

Turn Me On Tuesday will resume it’s regular scheduled programming next week. For now, I need to address something serious!! I’ve been noticing some pretty fucking weird search results in my stat tracker lately and it is making me a little concerned… I mean what kind of people am I attracting to this site?

Here are some of the search results I’ve been noticing lately:

#1 on MSN when you enter “Porn Slouch Socks
Somebody please tell me how these two things are related??? Porn & slouch socks???? Sorry, but I don’t get it. A guy with a flock of seagulls hairdo a foot fetish perhaps?!

Page #3 (at the bottom) in MSN when you type in “Adulterous Love Letters
Because writing your own adulterous love letter sucks… Why not just rip one off? Who cares, it’s not like you have any morals anyway. And why does Jamaican Cock Soup = Adulterous Love Letters anyway?!

Page #2 for “Playing with Lingo Balls
Yeah… The last time I checked I was pretty sure I didn’t have balls…. annnnnnnnd I’m pretty sure I still don’t. {looks down into yoga pants} yep… still don’t!

Damn… Only page #12 when you type in “women who make sex to animals
What do I have to do to make page #1? I am Welsh… And there are an abundance of sheep in Wales… Okay I just gagged saying that. I can’t be funny when it comes to sex with animals. That’s just fucking sick and twisted!

Page #1 on MSN when you type in “Lebanese men sex with animals
Okay, what the fuck?!

FINALLY!!! One I can be proud of!!! #1 baby, when you type in “Cock Mastering Uncle Fucker

I also found some of my own (had to raise my spirits a little after all of this sick & twisted shit)
#1 when you type in “Lingo Slinger Rules

Yeah… The one and only when you type in “Selina is the shatizzle

Okay, that’s enough head swell. Oh… And I dominate the first page in Google when you type in Lingo Slinger. Okay, seriously… I’m done!


17 thoughts on “Adulterous Horse Fuckers Loving My Site!

  1. Oh, those are funny. My favorite is “woman who make sex to animals”. That reminds me of that russian guy in the movie Clerks who is singing that song Berzerker. One of the lines in the song is:

    “Would you like some making fuck? Berzerker!!!!”

  2. Here, try some of the ones to my site on for size. They aren’t all about sex, but the ones that are are sorta spooky:

    * 14 girl incest nude pic
    * bread baby i’m a want you excellent
    * candy156sweet
    * cartoon forklift
    * clipped muscles men
    * frat spankings
    * god apologizes for pat robertson
    * how to store corn for stove
    * outsized dick
    * shitting in his mess kit
    * the new men’s loo at the sofitel in queenstown nz
    * zeppelin of the neoconservative

    Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking.

  3. sex with camels

    sex in the desert

    gay arab men

    naked gay arab men

    oral sex with sheep

    habib has a woody

    bombs, naked broads, and the men who love them. and the men who love the men who love them.

    just trying to increase your hits from the mideast and from nsa.

  4. Hilarious weirdo searches and links. Once again, this proves truth is stranger than fiction. There are some messed up people out there, and I am truly honored to laugh at them. Great post!

  5. OK Steve, we believe you’re a dude. Relax buddy or we’ll get suspicious. Anyways about porn slouch socks, Selina, you’re obviously not aware of my little predeliction for women slouching while wearing nothing except sturdy socks (fwaahr!). It’s a fairly common fetish among Scottish highland men with high speed internet connections.

  6. I guess I’m just not perverted enough even though I have an I’m a Perv sign. I NEVER get strange results like that. LOL

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