It’s Tuesday: Turn Me On!

A secret postcard from PostSecret

The postcard above reminds me of when I used to work as a photo technician in a lab. I used to see the most hillarious photos ever. We’d get LOTS of amateur porn!!! When an amateur porn pig came in to pick up her pics we’d all laugh as I handed them to her. Little did she know they’d end up on the internet…

Moving on…

That’s right kids, it’s Turn Me On Tuesday! The day when I scour the blogs of the many wonderful and talented katz on my link list and present you with the creme de la creme.

Without further adieu:

Samantha gives us a peak into the future with her predictions for theTop 10 Weird Digital Music Creations To Come. Those iPod Undies could be an overnight sensation… Who wouldn’t want some hot latin emerging from their panties?!

I’m always up for seeing a dude play with his balls. Diane shows us a guy doing just that! The guy has some pretty big balls for such a skinny dude though….

Get your power cut off? No problem! Loweded Wookie teaches us that we can in fact live without power! He’s doing it… And still managing to blog too!

Johnie shows us some very cool photographs of an abandoned theme park in Japan. Some pretty amazing photography here.

Okay, this one didn’t exactly turn me on… But it is too funny and disgusting not to share! Just unbelievable really… Mic tells us about The Pantyville Horror.

Steve interrogates his toddler in this post where he demonstrates what I have to look forward to in the coming months x2!!! I too look forward to getting to know the nice people at poison control.

OCB writes an inquiring letter to God asking some very important questions, like how come the mayor of new orleans gets to call you up whenever he wants? OCB must have done something right, because God himself replied in her comments section!

And finally… Ladies, be a good Catholic and go fuck some crazies would ya?!


7 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday: Turn Me On!

  1. Great stuff as per usual. I didn’t make the list . . .I have to go jump off out of my 5th story window now.

    BTW – I thought you might be interested in this, Lingo. It is a new magazing about podcasts and podcasting. I really hope you get your act together and get one going. I think it could be good.

    Ben O.

  2. Thanks guys!!

    Ben-O – I am waiting for that cargo scan! Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the linkage. I am creating a set right now, but i’ve been soooooo busy that I haven’t even had a chance to work on it lately. I do need to get my ass in gear though!

    Nothing wrong with a dude diggin’ balls… nothing at all.

  3. Where I come from we don’t say “The Balls” we say “The Dog’s Bollocks” so those balls are the dog’s bollocks.

    Speaking of colloquialisms do you say “Ay” a lot after sentences Lingo?

    New Zealand has a brilliant one that goes “yeah nah” (yes no) which I find funny and say often as well. It works like this:

    Bob: “Those balls are the dog’s bollocks”

    Me: “Yeah nah I agree”

    I think everyone should talk like this. I’d love to see how those go down in your respective countries.

    Of course “Yeah nah my country’s the dog’s bollocks and yours is just bollocks” which means that your country sucks. It’s only good if it’s the “dog’s bollocks” otherwise if it’s just “bollocks” then sorry bout that not fun for you. That’s something we picked up from Britain, that and tea oh and syphalis.

    Actually that reminds me of something I need to add to my blog.

  4. i like Tuesday on ya blog (:

    The Pantyville Horror – OH my giddy aunt!!

    i’m deffo gonna get an iPod casket.

    seems being Powerless gives you power

    i used to have a cat called Bollocks, when she went missing for a few days i used to go around our area shouting Bollocks, HEHE not realising what i was shouting at the top of me voice.

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