A Little Bit of Election Fun

I have somehow managed to avoid posting anything political in the wake of the upcoming election in Canada (not sure how that happened). I am a bit of a political junkie and keep a close eye on the politics in this country but try not to let it affect me too much since we all just get fucked in the end anyway.

There are many jokes to be made from all of this stuff, but Gilles Duceppe is just hillarious. He is so not interested in anything other than Quebec. The rest of Canada doesn’t exist to him… I am quite convinced he hates the rest of the country and thinks we’re all a bunch of English speaking, burger eating, lemmings… hence my new piece of art.

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Election Fun

  1. I never miss an opportunity to interject how how vile the french people/culture is. Not just in Quebec either, i’m talking about you scumbags in France too.

  2. yeah… some of them aren’t the nicest people, that’s for sure. montreal is a fun city to party in though.

    did you know that duceppe was a card-carrying communist for 3 years before becoming the leader of the bq. interesting huh!

  3. I like Quebec, but then I’m not Canadian and don’t live there. However, they do mistake me for an anglophone Canadian sometimes and they are sorta rude when that happens. I thnk it’s all the gravy on the frittes.

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