What The Fuck Is So Sporty About Chocolate?

So I was in the local supermarket picking up some groceries and grabbed a bit of self-indulgence… Ritter Sport (imported biscuit chocolate bar). For those of you who haven’t tried it, you simply HAVE TO GET ONE!!! They are the bomb-dizzle shatizzle!!!

As delicious as they might be… While standing in line waiting for the miserable (slow as molasses) cashier to finish checking out the (ready to snap) customer in front of me, I started pondering the name. I was thinking to myself “what the fuck is so sporty about a chocolate bar?”. Then I thought “perhaps if I find out what Ritter means, it will make more sense…”.

Yeah… NOT SO MUCH!!!! It just made me even more confused… Ritter means “a knight”. So this Chocolate bar is essentially named Knight Sport. I know the Germans haven’t always made sense… but come on, this is just whack!

I had to then seek the assistance of the company website because I wondered if perhaps they explained the rationale behind their brand name on the website… It did explain the Ritter part. Apparantly the Ritter’s are a family that has been around since 1912, but what the fuck about the sport part? So maybe it’s not as bad as Knight Sport, but it still doesn’t make any fucking sense… It’s like having a chocolate bar with your last name and then “SPORT” at the end of it.

This reminds me of the Nutella commercial where the kid is playing soccer and runs up to grab a slice of bread slathered in chocolate spread. The commercial goes on to say that Nutella is actually a source of essential nutrients. It’s laughable really.


14 thoughts on “What The Fuck Is So Sporty About Chocolate?

  1. I actually sort of like nutella. They don’t really advertise it here much. I didn’t even know it existed until we went to France and every single person ate it on their crepes.

    Funny stuff nonetheless – Ben O.

  2. Here is one for you. Do you know how they sell Power Bars and stuff like that for workouts? They sell friggin Power Jelly Beans, here in the states. Are you really supposed to chuck down a handfull of protien loaded Jelly Beans before an intense work out. More like upchuck.

  3. I LOVE Nutella… especially on toast! I just don’t think of it as a healthy choice… Nutella on crepes…. Mmmmm, haven’t tried that, but it sounds well worth trying!!!

    Sugar rush… he he, makes sense johnie!

    Power Jelly Beans??? K now i’ve heard everything!!!!

  4. I love chocolate, mostly dark chocolate. I can never avoid buying some imported chocolate and Scottish all butter shortcakes whenever I go the military exchange. They always have agreat selection of that kind of stuff, I guess because there are so many foreign born wives as well as the GIs themselves who developed a craving for the stuff when stationed overseas.

  5. When I was still training(dance, hardcore training, never again)we used to eat chocolate in between classes to get energy. It’s very hard to keep the level up with healthy food, there is not enough time in the day to eat that much so chocolate makes it easier even though its not realy healthy. I used to eat porridge in the morning, then an enormous chocolate muffin in the first break, a giant jacket potatoe at lunch with everything on it and still be absolutely starving. Ritter Sport is good, can’t stand Cadbury, doesnt even taste like chocolate and it comes in a lilac wrapper yuk.

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