Black Cats, Morphine, and House Music

My pal Steve has slapped me five to spew out random facts about myself… So try to stay awake here people, Here we go:

Random Fact #1: I live in Canada and have been here since the ripe age of 4, yet am still not a Canadian Citizen. I can’t vote and shouldn’t complain (but I do… complain). I was born in Wales U.K. in a tiny place called St. Asaph (North Wales). Most of my family lives in the U.K., my dad’s side is in Manchester (big Man. U fans). I am going to become a Canadian Citizen… Eventually… Just as soon as I have $400 that I don’t need to spend on the babies, new clothes, or the latest techno-geek gadget.

Random Fact #2: When I was a baby (in Wales) we had this Black cat named Rudy. The thing used to jump on my pram when my mom would take me for walks. Eventually my mom got sick of continually kicking him off and let him stay in the pram for walks (they were much bigger in those days) and he used to hiss at anyone who came near me. He also used to patrol the fence at night. My nursery faced the backyard and he would walk back and forth on the fence ALL NIGHT protecting me. Weird eh. I want a Black cat. I have a Grey one named Zen.

Random Fact #3: When my daughters were born, we were on the 6 o-clock evening news. They came to interview us and shoot the footage at the hospital. It was Valentines Day. I guess having Identical Twin girls on Valentines Day makes good news. I was whacked on Morphine during my interview… High as a kite! If it wasn’t for the fact that we have the tape to prove it, I would never believe that it actually happened. They give Morphine out like Smarties.

Random Fact #4: I was (back in the day) a member of the rave community. I attended an obscene amount of parties, threw down an event of my own, and worked for a couple of production companies promoting parties and doing radio spots. I rarely lined up to get in anywhere (clubs or parties). I wasn’t one for glowsticks, but I did dress pretty crazy and regularly adorned myself with glitter and funky accessories. It was during this time that I got my first tattoo, my navel pierced, and my nose and tongue pierced. The piercings have come out (except for my nose) and the rave scene has long since died, but I am left with a love for tattoos and house music. I have a crazy vinyl collection and still spin tracks (when I have time). I was lucky to have some incredibly amazing DJ’s teach me everything I know.

Random Fact #5: I am pretty into astrology and tarot cards. I read people’s tarot cards quite often. All of the women on my mom’s side are all crazy like that. I’ve been doing it for 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me how I know some of the things I know during a reading. I once had a woman cry in front of me because of the things I discovered about her during the reading. It was crazy. I don’t read for myself anymore because I predicted a series of unfortunate events in my own life that kind of freaked me out, so I don’t wanna know anymore. It is apparently bad luck to read your own cards anyway (I’ll vouch for that). For the most part though, all of my readings are positive and done in a manner that is constructive rather than scary. People get a kick out of my readings.

Okay, those are my 5 random facts. Hopefully I haven’t bored you to tears. I don’t normally tag other people but fuck it, this time I am going to! You’re not getting off that easily. So… Kaysea, Fred, Diane, Mel, and Patrick… Cough up the goods!


10 thoughts on “Black Cats, Morphine, and House Music

  1. The wife hates techno (house, whatever), but there will always be a special place in my ear for it ๐Ÿ™‚ I never went to many raves, but did have some DJ friends.

    btw – you can have my black cat. She’s huge. And very moody…

  2. Sorry gals… Gotta be a bitch sometimes I guess! Just blame Steve, he started it.

    Nick – I have friends who aren’t into house music too… I guess it takes a certain kind of person. There are certain sub-genres of electronic music that I don’t really dig (ie – happy hardcore, jungle, trance…). I’m more of a funky gal… I need the beat to reach down into my soul.

  3. Yes – I love not being tagged. I did this one recently anyway.

    I love your nuggets of unknown stuff, though. You have such an interesting past.

    Any chance of getting a pic of tht tattoo? Or is that old hat?

    Ben O.

  4. 1) Have any UK accent?
    2) A Guard Cat. Cool. I wonder if there are seeing eye cats?
    3) I’ve seen enough of your posts to wonder if you still have access to that morphine.
    4) You’ll have to catalog your tats for us. That’s tattoos, to be clear.
    5) That is an amazing fact.

  5. Okay… here is a picture of the tattoos I have. The one in the middle was my first which is why it is somewhat faded and a little distorted!

    Steve – I figure we can just keep passing the buck when it comes to blaming people for these things… that way nobody is ever “really” accountable.

    1) Not any more. When I was little.
    2) This cat was a bruiser
    3) I wish
    4) See link above
    5) Thanks

  6. I just remembered you said something about tagging in comments to a post. So this is it eh? LOL OK! I’ll get right on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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