You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Above: My new living room which is being taken over by an army of screens.

I’ve been learning new things in iMovie… Wanted to share! These are my demon spawns in the video below. Unforunately the video is not displaying full size for some reason… which is kind of annoying, but whatever! I’m sick of trying to troubleshoot that to no avail.

FYI – Yes that’s me laughing and shaking the camera at the end. It’s always nice to laugh at your kids when they’re upset isn’t it?!

This was my amateur beginner video. I plan on doing fancier videos in the days to come (when I learn more about what the hell i’m doing)… Podcasting is gonna happen soon too, i’ve been reading some tutorials on that! Poor PodWhore, she’s been so neglected!

Since I got my Mac i’ve been considering getting dreads… That way I don’t have to worry about styling my hair. Less time getting ready, more time creating magic!

This video requires sound… it simply isn’t the same without it!

Update: This video has been removed. Fear not, new ones are being added on a continual basis.


21 thoughts on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. …clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap…clap

  2. Priceless! Absolutely PRICELESS. Did I see Rayne (on the right?) actually throw a right-hand hook that landed on Seren’s arm, around .37? Sweet!

  3. “Since I got my Mac i’ve been considering getting dreads… That way I don’t have to worry about styling my hair. Less time getting ready, more time creating magic!”

    That is so Einstein of you. He wore the same clothes every day of his life so he could divert the brain power he would use of selecting different clothes each day on something more useful.

  4. Looks like you have some possession issues going on there. I’d recommend Ritalin immediately. And a heavy dose of video games.

  5. Cute. Perfect choice of background music.
    I’ve done a bunch of of short movies with Adobe’s Premier Pro.
    Iposted them in RealMedia and ended up loosing the origionals, now I’m stuck with RM files. I’ve tried video conversion to no avail.
    PS: If you watch them, keep in mind, I need a life. 😛

  6. Great Movie SeLiNa- I loved watching your twins wrestle the toy from each other, and I am secretly glad I only had one baby!! I admire your ability to be able to handle both at the same time. Great song/title choice also. Very fun.

    Dreads are also what I am considering for my long naturally curly takes an hour to style pain in the ass hair of mine too. That’s 365+ hours a year I could devote to something else more constructive or destructive. I would save $50.00 a month on shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel. Plus $200.00 a year on hair cuts. With everything weighing on dreads as the best choice- I know I like to change my mind and fear what would happen when I try to go back to my regular hair style. I know it will be a short ugly fro. I can’t sport a short ugly fro, oh no-no.

    Your new living room looks nice, take over screens and all. I will be sure to vote for your blog too. Keep up the great work.

  7. hahaha, that is going to be a lot less fun when their 12. About the dreadlock thing, don’t be fooled, The bastards smell and itch like hell. A friend of mine who had them decided to cut one off and it turned out to be all mouldy inside, eeeuw! I have long and big curly hair and have often thought about it but the main thing is do you really wanna look like someone who is trying really hard to be an individual? My tip is braiding, looks great and takes away the need for wetting and adding leave in conditioner everyday.

  8. Thanks guys!!! And THANKS for the Bloggie nomination!!! You guys rock!

    I have always dreamed of Platinum dreads… especially since my hair is naturally curly. I would have NO PROBLEMS dreading it…

    But I gotta be honest, after hearing that mouldy dread story, i’m a bit put off! ewwww!

  9. oh man too much talent you got. i must be seriously disturbed as I kept waiting for the one on the left to whack the hell out of the one on the right. too many blog wars i guess. you are brilliant. i don’t know about those two. time will tell.

  10. Oooh! I’m going to have to go vote! I don’t see how you do it with those two- have you ever got your hands full.

  11. iMovie is cool and I really need to get me a new video camera to get back into video.

    I cut my teeth on iMovie and I must say it hurt like hell.

    I’ve got some video of my friends and I doing dam dropping and wake boarding all edited using iMovie.

    As for the fighting babies I suggest sending them to ninja school because no one suspects the baby until they have their heads kicked in by them. They will be able to protect you from muggers as well.

    But what would be even better would be to send them to two different ninja schools that are rivals and then put them into the same room. Whoever lives is declared the winner. Then there would be no fighting and thus problem solved and your expenses would be halved.

    Don’t forget to video it and put it on the net. Bets start now by the way. I’ve got 50/1 on Rayne because her name is last and it’s always the underdog that kicks arse. Wait, who was the one who had the toy first? The one on the right? My money’s on that one.–>

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