Widget Wench I Am

Since I got my Mac i’ve been a busy little bee tweaking and customizing it to look and act the way I want it to (does that make me a control freak?). Recently I discovered these things called Widgets, originally I thought it would be cool to have the weather on my desktop or perhaps a dancing hula girl (or boy). Well, i’m afraid i’ve gone widget crazy now. The above is a screen capture of my desktop. I closed a lot of the widgets I had running because it was starting to look like a CNN screen. Some of the widgets I downloaded include; a weather forecast, a digital clock, a wireless network indicator, a homer quoter, an oblique strategies deck, a dancing hula girl, a colour picker, a battery indicator and a rune caster. Am I done? Hell No! When I do something i’m all or nothing!

A few days ago I was saying “what the fuck is a widget?”… now they’re invading my computer!


6 thoughts on “Widget Wench I Am

  1. I am glad you fixed your widget issue. I like the Konfabulator widget program better than Macs because the Mac version hides your widgets from the desktop until you want to see them. Konfab allows you to view them as part of your desktop.

    Nice Wallpaper, lol.

  2. Widget Wench I Am sounds like a good name for a blog. Go out and buy up that domain name immediately before someone takes it and makes a bundle…or download another 37 widgets and have fun.

    On second thought, I like the latter better.

    Happy New Year.

  3. You are now a full-fledged Widgeteer! What the heck is an ‘oblique strategies deck’? Or a ‘rune caster’ for that matter? Best to you and yours for the upcoming.

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