Best Posts of 2005

Since today is the last day of the year I thought i’d do something a little year endy and post some of my favourite posts from 2005. This will be a two part post, I am first going to post some of my own personal faves (from Lingo Slinger) and then some of my fave posts from the many talented and creative katz you see on the “Blogs I Dig” list. If I have overlooked a fantastic post (perhaps one of yours), feel free to leave a link in the comments section. I’m not always on the ball.

Let’s make this one big love-fest!!

So… Without further adieu, here are my top 5 favourite Lingo Slinger posts. They are not in any particular order.

1.) Catholic Sunday. This post is one of my faves, not because of the post itself, but because of the supreme comments!! Top notch stuff here! Thanks to all who made this possible!

2.)Dickey Wearing Dickheads! One of my nasty rants about retards who wear Dickeys!

3.)Bar Flies. My interpretation of five common species of bar flies found in any local watering hole or club.

4.) Ahh yes, who can forget Labia from Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 3! Her face haunts me sometimes, I think it’s the glasses!

5.) And finally, Church Signs are Fun Vol. 3 where God is secondary to a sweet-ass limo ride!! But i’ll keep the Chuck Taylor’s… Even though they’re worn out!

Now from the world that exists outside of my little realm:

Stringman’s 2006 Predictions… Both brilliant and absolutely hillarious!!!

Nick’s Beer Drinkers Prayer… Oh Dear Lord, please provide me with the stomach muscles necessary to handle the laughter I am about to experience!

Sam’s Top 10 Worst Pick Up Lines. Ha ha… these are bad!! Number 2 is classy!

The Rev’s 2 part post; Are you an Idiot? and Are you an Idiot Part 2! Supreme brilliance here!

Ben-O’s If I Wasn’t Chained To The Desk, I Would Totally Get Up and Walk Right Out The Door. If anyone doesn’t agree with #1… be gone with you!

Diane’s post about cafeteria food. Make Mine A’La Barf! So true… brings back horrible memories of crappy caf food from high school.

Fred’s post, The Problem With Music. Make sure to click the link to the article too, it’s superbly written and so on the money!

Johnie proves that chivalry is not dead in this post entitled Bag Full of Water.

And finally, a blog with too many amazing entries to pick just one, but in the interest of this post, I HAD to choose one!! Among Everywoman by Chico at The Fork! I switched this one out on Jan. 3rd which is kind of cheating, but it was great and needed to be read.

Sorry if i’ve overlooked any other brilliance. This post took me all day!

Much Luv 2 All



11 thoughts on “Best Posts of 2005

  1. What??? No Kitty snorting? I loved that one! I love all of your stuff though.

    HAPPY NEW YEARS! (pssst I want to hear some PODCASTS!)

  2. you got the loves. you should point a link a your death row thing. and your fem character you drafted is about to get life breathed into her, hope you can keep it coming

  3. Kenada: Hope your New Years was rockin’!

    Diane: I don’t make New Years Resolutions… but I will say that the Podcast thing is a definite priority! The Kitten Huffing piece was classic, I wrote that for Sam’s site.

    Rev: I never even thought about posting a link to that piece. Here it is for those of you who haven’t yet read it.

  4. Aw shucks … thanks for the honor. Some funny stuff you have stored up there. Barflies was great. I play a lot of pubs and lounges, and have witnessed many of those species. Glad you spun it back out for those of us who missed it.

  5. YES!

    I made it!

    Lingo, you rock!

    Is anyone else out there ready for a freakin’ podcast from this beauty?

    DUH . . .

    Ben O.

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