Getting My Wheels Back

Well poor little MINI has been in a rough state lately. He needed new brakes (front and rear), according to the mechanic they were very very unsafe. He needed 4 new tires and he needed an oil change and a wheel alignment. I am going to pick him up this aft. I can’t wait to put the new tires to the test as I speed down the highway like a race car driver (and then probably get pulled over and fined, but not before attempting to flirt with the cop in an effort to get out of the ticket).

My apologies for my lack of updates lately. I’ve been very very busy! I still can’t find my fucking USB cable for my digital camera… I am pissed about that!! I (apparantly) put it somewhere safe… so safe I can’t find it! It’s funny how I am the one who labelled all of my boxes but can’t seem to find things, and then Joe who labelled NOTHING can find everything!!! So not fair!!!

My old (Madi) laptop has been taken to the computer doctor so that my hard drive can be ripped onto a DVD. The only problem is, I don’t have Word for Mac so my book will need to be converted to an RTF document so I can finish the fucking thing and then try like hell to get it published.

I just found a daycare provider for the demon spawns for when I return to work. She seems nice, a little wacky, but then so am I, so it all works out. As long as the girlies like her and she’s not helicoptering them around the room, then it’s all good. I just don’t want some insanely “normal” woman watching them and turning them into a couple of lamos, that would suck!

** Lingo Slingers MINI not exactly as pictured above**

Check out the Unauthorized MINI Owners Manual here. Pretty damn awesome!


11 thoughts on “Getting My Wheels Back

  1. We had a nutty old lady named Viola watch our kids a few days each week. Sweet, but very ecentric (so aren’t we, I suppose). My kids claimed one day that they were abducted by aliens for the day, and that Viola saved them. I believed them. Viola later ended up in the nut house. I think we caught her on the tail end of her sanity, but my kids still talk fondly of her.

  2. Get someone better than my sister.

    When I was a kid, she was babysitting me and locked me out of the house in my jammies during a snow storm for three hours. I was a kidsicle by the time the parental units came home.

    She also left another babysitting job to go on a date and left the kids alone.

    I’m guessing this is a little too “wacky”?

    Ya know? I’m beginning to think something’s wrong with my sister.

  3. Got the MINI back this aft and it ROCKS!! What a difference new tires make!! And brakes too…

    I can only hope for a Viola! She sounds awesome! Too bad that she ended up in the looney bin though! Perhaps the aliens finally “got to her”.

    Poobah – Yah, you might wanna tell your sister that i’m sorry I didn’t call her back about the daycare gig… something errr came up.

    I’m hoping for wacky in a Frank Zappa meets Dame Edna sort of way.

  4. For sure I will. It’s not as funky as the one above (I wish mine had flames), but all MINI’s are cool. Mine is British Racing Green with White rims, mirror caps, and a White roof top. It has a panoramic sunroof too.

    I love it. Unfortunately the girlies fit a little “too” snugly in it (i’ve tried) so I take the Jeep for family outings. I bought it in 2004 (prior to getting el preggo).

  5. Sorry to hear about your wheels. Hope you get the old beast back and running. Like your idea of Courtney Love as a breeding mate for King George, btw. Now THERE’s a pair that deserve each other!

  6. Gotta love those dang brakes, huh? Always going out when you actually might need them.

    I wanted to let you know that I posted a comment over at the less-trafficked Podwhore blog.

    Ben O.

  7. SeLiNa~ You almost sound like me: Tune up the car to break the speed suggestion, get pulled over, and practice flirting skills as if getting out of a ticket is the main prize. It’s always worth it if you get out of something because of your mad flirting skills. I am hoping I won’t need to test my skills in a Mexican prison of sorts. This is a HUGE fear of mine. Being locked up in a foreign jail where I can’t use my power of persuasion because of the language barrier to get out of jail.

    You can always buy a new USB cable and return it with the receipt when you find yours, as long as it is within the allotted 30 days. (KayseaLove’s money saving trick # 311)

    Instead of trying like hell to get your book published, publish it yourself. [Copied from Web and pasted]

    Publish Your Masterpiece
    So you’ve completed your 1000-page opus but can’t find a publisher? Do it yourself on Unlike most self-publishing sites, Lulu charges no up-front fees and requires no minimum orders. Just upload a word processing document and follow a wizard to choose the book’s size, format, cover art, and price or commission. Lulu takes 20 percent of the cover price. You can sell your book via Lulu,, Barnes & Noble, or your own Web site. If you order copies for yourself, you pay only binding and printing costs–around $8.50 for a standard 200-page paperback.

    I always wanted Mary Poppins as my babysitter. She was wacked out and fun for sure.

    StringMan~ Viola sounds like she would be a great candidate for the cult I am starting.

    Omnipotent Poobah~ Didn’t your sister know she could just bring her date over and they could play house? As long as the kids didn’t rat them out, she might still have a job. (Which doesn’t really sound like a good thing.) LOL @ Kidsicle- (I am laughing with you)

    The unauthorized Mini guide sounds awesome. I wonder if there is one for Mustang’s as well.

  8. There should be a law against putting things in a place that you’ll never forget. I keep doing that but forget where the safe place is.

    But then I think I keep jumping between dimensions. Classic example was when I was working for NGC.

    I put my pen down to type away and someone called me and wanted to leave some details. I searched for my pen that I had only just put down and no matter how hard I tried I could not find it. I asked my mate if I could borrow his pen and when I had finished I gave the pen back, turned around again, and my pen was sitting right there in front of me in front of my keyboard, right where I had left it.

    There’s only two explainations for this. Aliens teleported my pen to their spaceship right at that exact moment I needed to use it or I keep jumping between dimensions – one where my pen is on my desk in front of my keyboard and one where it is not.

    Actually the more I think about it the alien one seems a little more plausible.

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