Unpacking… Let The Good Times Roll

Where’s the mugs… Where’s the windex… Where’s the towels… Where’s the rum god dammit?! Unpacking… Oh how fun! Oh yeah, it’s Christmas too isn’t it?!

Got to the new neighbourhood. Pretty smooth move. Moving guys were good to us. They were quick and didn’t lose or damage any of our shit, which is always nice. Within hours of getting to the new place, met an interesting little dude. Had a conversation that went a lil’ something like this:

Little Dude: Are you new?
Me: Yep
Little Dude: Do you want the Oakville Beaver?
Me: {jaw drops… About to give him shit for his foul mouth}
Little Dude: {Adds} It’s the paper, I deliver it.
Me: {sigh of relief} Sure

About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find little dude and 3 of his friends. He was obviously the spokesperson for the group and took the liberty of initiating the conversation.

Little Dude: Do you have a son?
Me: No {sees disappointment on Little Dudes face} Were you kinda hoping that we did?
Little Dude: Yeah
Me: Sorry to disappoint you. We have two daughters though.
Little Dude: How old?
Me: They’re just babies, 10 months old, but they’ll get older and funner.
Little Dude: Okay Bye.

Funny little guy he was. I like him. He’s got quite the future ahead of him… Sales guy, politician, marketing… He’s bound to do something with a personality like that.

The guy who lived here before us must have left here bald as an eagle in his nether region… I’m pretty sure of this because all of his pubes were left on our bathroom floor. Oh and there were a couple left on a bar of soap too! Lovely eh!

Anyway, I’m coming at cha from my new iBook G4. Just got it today. It’s sweet!! I’m in digitari heaven. I will post some new pics of the pad, etc.. Just as soon as I can find my FUCKING USB CABLE!! I hate unpacking!!! I hope we never move again!


7 thoughts on “Unpacking… Let The Good Times Roll

  1. Pubes.

    When I left my old house we also left quite a lot of that. Pubes seem to keep on falling off.

    Balding sexual parts.

    Nice thing with the kids.

  2. It will be years before you find some things. I’m still finding stuff and I’ve been here 10+ years – thankfully, no alien pubes. Little Dude’s a trip!

  3. The little dude sounds like a riot.
    Yikes about the pubes. Maybe he misunderstood when someone ordered him to “trim the tree.”

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