Feeling Uninspired?

This should help… It always helps me to know i’m not alone.

Have a nice day! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired?

  1. Word. Hey, also, a comment on the Ridalin, dammit, I take it sometimes…and I still have no attention span…shhh, I don’t want to find that on postsecret…anyway, I love this poster and I find that shit utterly hilarious in general.

  2. Really? Interesting. See if it was there at a party or something, I might snort a line or two ;)… but I don’t think i’d allow a doctor to prescribe it for my daughters and label them ADD or ADHD. People come in all different varieties, often it’s the crazy-ass ones or the ones who are the most enlightened. It sucks that there is a drug to discourage someone from being themselves.

    Promise I won’t post your secret on Postsecret! LOL!!

    I love these uninspiring unmotivational posters too… they’re great!

  3. I was never on it as a kid actually, I went on it as an adult…it helps for studying sometimes…I don’t think I would put my kid on it either though…I fight a lot with the place of medicine in any mental health stuff, I actually wrote an entire play scene on it once, I respect your opinion…thanks for not posting the secret, seeing that you have a pretty popular site, I may be screwed, oh, that’s all right, I’ll just go by a Stewart Smally poster and call it a day..: )

  4. For you are not alone
    For I am here with you
    Though we’re far apart
    You’re always in my *splat*

    this life saving/ending moment brought to you by Perugini & Visini Armi
    makers of my beautiful 12 gauge
    side by side “Liberty”.
    OH YEAH!

  5. Thank you for that uninspiring message. Excuse me while I continue my quest for mediocrity. I’ve already given my usual 50% today. I think I’m done.

  6. Despair.com is brilliant.

    I like the one that says “The only common denominator in your failed relationships is YOU”.

    Ahhh how that is so fitting right about now. 😉

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