Cardboard Chaos

Moving sucks! You don’t realize how much absolute shite you have until you start packing! I found a ridiculous amount of unopened mail from years ago, I found my old Tamagotchi that I kept having to reset because it was always hungry and uncared for and died a few times a week. It’s a good thing I don’t treat my daughters like I treated my Tamagotchi or they’d be severely malnourished, ignored, and neglected!

I’ve discovered unpaid parking tickets, expired (winning) lottery tickets, lots of club and party flyers, lollypops, bad artwork (by me), and even the professional portrait of my cat Zen that I had done back when he was the apple of my eye (pre-baby days). I actually had a professional pet photographer come to the house and take portraits of him!! Yeah… fucked right?! Now the only attention he gets is when one of the chicklets is beating him to a bloody pulp, pulling his hair, chewing on his tail, or whacking his head with a toy.

There are boxes everywhere!!! Don’t know what the point of this post was other than to complain, but I guess it provided me with a well-needed break. I feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag sometimes because of the sheer chaos going on around me. Frankly I am surprised that I didn’t find some kind of little creature or bird living in the nest of dust and wires I found behind my entertainment unit.

I hate moving!

Countdown to Apple G4 iBook: 9 days!!!

I had to kill the Turn Me On Tuesdays thing for the time being, but will re-launch it in January!


11 thoughts on “Cardboard Chaos

  1. Please stop! You are giving me flashbacks of my last move. There is nothing like packing 1000 CDs and a small library full of books. I get nauseous thinking about it! Good luck with your move. Be careful not to box up the cat!

  2. We moved on Oct. 1, from our lovely appartment to what I like to call a squat…

    We own that appartment, and had to rent it for the time we will be wandering in Asia. Squatting from October till THIS SUNDAY (finally!) was a small price to pay for it. On Sunday we go to Poland to spend Christmas with my in-laws, then onto Asia.

    Now, why am I writing all this? I guess your post reminded me of the nightmare it was to move half of the things to the basement and the other half to the squat. We’ve been living without most of our stuff since October, and guess what? We don’t really miss it. Which proves your point (and mine): we own too much stuff, and we hardly use all of it.

    I hope this journey to Asia will enlighten my soul and teach me to get rid of the unnecessary.

    Good luck with your move, girl! How’s the novel going, by the way?

  3. Really! I have so much stuff it spilled over into my blog.

    I remember thinking too when I moved out of my last house, it’s going to be great to get rid of some of this junk and start all fresh and new and I will never never never let this “stuff” pile up. Seven years later I can’t open a closet without something falling on me.

  4. I’ve been in a state of premoving for about 2 years now. We’ve continously say we’re going to find a better place, so I start packing boxes to get ready for the real packing and then we lose interest. Then slowly over time the few boxes I did pack up start to get unpacked as we need things inside. Then we say were going to move again and process starts all over. One day I will snap and pack everything in our entire house and drive down to the lake and throw it all in.

    Good luck with your move! My tamagotchi grew and flourished for a long time until it turned into this hideous snake like creature and it repulsed me and I never looked at it agin.

  5. Well, Lingo, look on the bright side…at least you didn’t discover any severed heads or limbs…or skeletons…or monsters…or imaginary friends…last time i moved, i found God…and that really freaked me out…
    for (sing it with me now) “I once was lost, but now I’m found…” (achem) found a frog my throat…sheesh…as always, stay tuned and stay sober…and stay Lingo forever and a fortnight…

  6. Dang – I love Turn Me On Tuesday. It makes my week when I am listed as a turn on.

    Good luck with the move and with the new computer. We are still waiting for the first podcast over at Podwhore.

    Ben O.

  7. Oh, if we’re talkin’ music… how about packing:

    >> 3000 Records (yes vinyl!)
    >> 1200 CD’s
    >> 2 Technics Turntables
    >> 2 Massive Club Speakers
    >> 2 Amps (1 large concert amp from the 70s and another Technics)
    >> Stanton mixing board (with lots of features that I don’t even know how to use)
    >> Other various speakers & a monitor

    And that’s just music! Fuckin’ blows to move!!! ESPECIALLY the records!!! Sorry to bring back flashbacks Fred! 😉

    Hiddenson – I envy you!! Enjoy your travels in Poland and Asia! Take lots of pics… I wanna see em!

    I’m sure that all of the junk I cleared out will end up reincarnating in one form or another, just like you Diane! It always happens that way doesn’t it?!

    Sippy – you are a much better Tamagotchi mommy than I am, maybe I should send you mine… Do you want another kid? Then when it gets old and lame you can pitch in in the lake with your boxes.

    I didn’t discover and severed heads or limbs Chico, but I did find a few flipper babies and i’m sure I have at least one or two skeletons in the closet!

    Ben-O: I’m sorry to dissappoint you 😦 with the Tuesdays… I promise to bring it back though! Bigger and Badder!!

    Sounds like you’re about as good of a Tamagotchi parent as I am Dave!

  8. Chicklets… LOL, loved that nickname. Moving does suck. Actually, your rundown of stuff you found sounds like a carbon copy of my last move, which was 3 years ago.
    I don’t want to leave my house now ever because I have 10 times the amount of crap we moved in with.

  9. moving sucks. when i finally (hopefully) finish this blog, I am throwing open the door to the neighbors, and what little we have here, is theirs, accept for the few DVD’s and CD’s we brought from the cabin. think of that driving back in the car with 2 suitcases, and that’s all. i am done with moving period.

  10. I got rid of a whole lot of crap during my last move.

    Incidentally I moved all of 50 meters from my old place to my new/current place.

    I swear it must have been funny watching 3 people carrying a big arsed TV cabinet across the road. 😉

    I had bike engine bits and a bike frame to move as well. That was fun.

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