SONY gets dissed on the street

I had to laugh when I read this article about Sony’s “attempted” stealth graffiti ad campaign. It backfired with a vengeance and ended up having the polar opposite effect that they set out to achieve. It’s bad enough that they attempted to trick consumers by displaying urban art depicting graffiti characters playing what is OBVIOUSLY a PSP (yet not actually displaying the Sony logo OR the PSP logo)… But to then depict the characters with hypnotic eyes, as if to say “Yes master SONY, I will do whatever you say… I will consume, I will be loyal to the SONY brand, Oh yes indeed I will”. Sony needs to come down off of that crazy ego trip they’re on and be thankful for the consumers they have and give them more credit as intelligent, consciencious buyers. This whole campaign is insulting to the SONY consumer and i’m glad that it was exposed for what it was.

If you’re gonna advertise, fine… Everyone else does, but don’t do it and blaitantly try to pretend that you’re not doing it. We (the consumers and the people) aren’t fucking stupid! Apple launched a successful street marketing campaign for iPod, but they displayed the logo proudly and didn’t try to pretend it wasn’t a million dollar advertising expenditure.

Other “stealth” marketing ideas:

Logo-free activist bandanas given out free at a sweatshop rally (made by Nike)
Playtex tampons used in a crisis situation in Iraq to remedy an open flesh wound (reported by CNN)
Dasani (label-free) water handed out free at an anti-consumption rally
Newly discovered Warhol pop-art displayed in Metropolitan Museum of Art (Campbells Chunky Soup)

I’m done…


11 thoughts on “SONY gets dissed on the street

  1. Didn’t Sony just get caught loading spyware on the PCs of people who purchased some of their copy protected music CDs? I just read an article about that.

    What corporate monkey is coming up with all of this shit?

  2. I’ve been loyal to Sony for a few years now but their luster is starting to wear off. They make good equipment, but there are other brands out there now that are compariable to Sony’s quality. These latest scandals won’t help me to purchase another Sony product next time I’m shopping around.

  3. Sony sucks although I’m tempted to buy a PSP, not because their marketing scheme works well but because I’ve been playing my workmates one and it’s seriously cool.

    As for the Sony DRM crap. Sony are a bunch of idiots. Ironically Sony’s own members hate them. Switchfoot even has a posting on their forums on how to bypass the DRM on their CDs. The easiest way is to use iTunes on a Mac.

    Incidentally a small square of tape can bypass the spyware DRM on these CDs which harks back to the black marker pen thwarting of Sony’s previous DRM attempts.

    Sony should just give up.

    Incidentally, Sony does this DRM crap without the consent of the bands they promote. Hence Switchfoot’s decision to post the DRM bypass notes. Sony doesn’t care about you or me as consumers. Why would they if they don’t care about the actual artists on their labels.

    More funny “Sony Sucks” news is that Sony has not signed up for distributing their music on iTunes however the bands signed to Sony in Japan basically gave Sony the big finger and uploaded their music to iTunes anyway.

    Man Sony isn’t making any friends lately have they. This could even affect their PS3 sales next year.

  4. Johnie, that is quite honestly the funniest forum post I have EVER read!!! Thanks for sharing… I encourage everyone to read it. It’s fucking hillarious! I can’t believe that dude is for real.

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