The Yorkshire Pudding Debate

A while back I set out on a journey to finish writing my novel (Summer of Oz) by participating in National Novel Writing Month. If you remember my post (which can be read here), you’ll remember that I committed to finishing my book by the end of November OR ELSE I would have to eat a packet of raw uncooked Yorkshire pudding mix!!

Now, when I made this deal. I had a fully functioning computer that was on from 8am until sometimes 2 or 3am, which meant there was no excuse for me NOT to finish the book. Well, as you may have read here, a series of unfortunate events brought my computer to it’s knees and rendered me powerless. Thankfully my hard drive is okay, and I did email myself an earlier version of the novel, HOWEVER… The most current up to date (206 page) version is still on the hard drive of my crapped out computer.

I am not one to go back on my word, so it’s only fair that this deal remain in tact, however, I think it is fair to revise the deal since I don’t have a working computer of my own and don’t even have my novel at this point.

Soooo… Here’s my new proposal. Next month I’m getting a G4 iBook. I will also be pulling the novel off of my Compaq hard drive shortly (before I get the iBook obviously). When I have my new computer fired up and ready to go and my novel in it’s most current version, I will give myself 11 days to finish my book from the time I start. Same deal as before, since my computer crapped out on the 19th of November. I want to finish this book BADLY!!! I am so close!

I will let you know when I’m ready to go and at the end of it all, I will have one of two videos. Either one of me doing a celebratory victory dance… OR, I will indeed be eating the Yorkshire Pudding Mix (yuck)!


33 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Pudding Debate

  1. Good deal! You can do it 11 days. You have my support, of course. I would like to see anyone else accomplish what you have so far under the circumstances!

  2. I’ll give you the 11 days. Hell, considering the crap you’ve had to go through (and the fact that you celebrated a birthday this month) I’ll even stretch it out to 12. But 13 is pushing it. Good luck on finishing the novel! I’d really hate to see you hate to eat that mix, although either way I hope we see a new tee come out of the deal. 😉

  3. i think that you should eat the pudding anyways (just cause i wanna see it) but i have to have compassion for a shizer computer…that sucks…oh well, i’m down with the 11 days. just lemme know where i can get a copy!

  4. Lingo – I totally bombed out on NaNoWriMo too. I need to get serious and finish my book. We should agree to keep each other in check.

    Ben O.

  5. Yah, kick that compaq to the friggin’ curb… matter of fact, i am currently on a mission to find every last one of those bastards who purpously goes about infecting our computers with trojan horses and virsuses and i intend to…sorry, that’s the plot of my novel… i can’t give it away yet… seriously, good luck on the novel…and keep those publisher’s and agent’s names handy… please? i’ll buy a lotta tee shirts from you…

  6. To this day I wonder what Yorkshire Pudding actually is made of.

    Yeah Apples are cool man. The mini has a G4 processor so don’t shell out the big bucks. It’s my anti-Microsoft computer. I even have Open Office on it just so I don’t have to pay for it.

  7. LMAO I well remember that post. Great video. I think you’re entitled to slide a bit due to your computer probs, however! I would love to see the video of you eating that crap.

  8. “I’ve been sick and miserable… it’s been a week of hell. My immune system must really suck!!”

    i’ll e-mail ya some soup… (:

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