Lottery Winner

I love this. I was in such a horrible mood today & this made me laugh.


8 thoughts on “Lottery Winner

  1. I love this blog…it is hot and full of witty opinions…by the way im a fellow spreadster, just opened my shop but as yourself destine for greatness, LOL!

  2. If I won the lottery I know I’d blow it all on bad investments and colligen injections. I’m only human after all and we’re driven to inject ass fat into our lips.

  3. Got that from the same person I bet..the joke that is. That was funny. Too bad you are not feeling well, I know you are going to be so busy for the next while. Make sure to get some rest.

  4. Well, Hardin… I’m glad you asked! I am just about to create a post about this infamous pudding issue!

    Should be up shortly.

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