I’m Sick & He’s Fat (Not Like the Kids Say)

I feel like I swallowed a dozen razor blades but not before being dragged behind an 18 wheeler truck for a couple of miles and then thrown into a ditch where a large heavy-ass boulder dropped on my head. This fat ugly bastard makes me want to puke!

Ladies, don’t kid yourselves. When you’re in those chatrooms talking to “TallDarkHandsome”, “32AttractiveMale”, “ItalianStallion”, or “HotHungHunk”… If there isn’t a horny 14 year old boy on the other end, then chances are you’re talking to this guy!!!

This post is somewhat selfish. I felt pretty nauseous before posting this and I figured that looking at this fat fucking bastard would probably help get the gagging going, thus allowing me to hurl and eventually feel better.

It worked.


11 thoughts on “I’m Sick & He’s Fat (Not Like the Kids Say)

  1. i am going to make you feel worse. my biggest day of traffic ever, by far, and 5 comments on the jew story, 2 of them mine, one superfrank (basically my daddy). 5 lingo. you saw how many i got normally, and even when the whole world was pissed i got more. Tell me we do not have problems dear. no anti-Semitism hanging out in our closet. no?

  2. Hey!!! Don’t scare all the honeys away from the chatrooms. Us not so fat bastards need some love-typin’ too ya know…

  3. EWWWWWWWW!!! It makes me feel sad for the fuckers that actually gorge themselves to get o this point..and for all those people with a medical problem, like an underactive, seveerly underactive thyroid..I AM SORRY!!

    Thanks for creeping me out this morning….I was hoping to meet my potential husband in a chatroom!! lol

  4. Sorry… Please don’t hold me accountable for what I post when I have flu-like symptoms!

    Rev: I understand how you must feel. It’s strange with comments, sometimes the things you think will get people talking, don’t. And then the things you think no one will comment on end up being the most commented on.

    Give it time, we will reach the masses. At least you have their ears, or eyes rather!

  5. I know… I don’t even want to know why this fat perv is sitting at his computer naked!

    What about the person that took the photo… Makes you wonder doesn’t it?!

  6. That’s disgusting. Sorry you’re feeling bad. Go smoke a Pleghm Ball or twenty and call me in the morning 😉 Oh yes! Don’t forget the 40 0z. of whiskey. Hee Hee

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