Old Man Winter

If I was handicapped (what is the pc term for that?… Physically Challenged?) I would totally be rockin’ this wheelchair in Canada!! I would want to be able to wheel myself around though, something that this extreme wheelchair seems to be lacking! Think about it… If you are handicapped and are thinking of buying this extreme all terrain wheelchair, are you going to want to be pushed around the arctic? Fuck no!! You’re going to want to get around by your self, you are the type of person who pushes yourself to the limit, challenges yourself! You would be insulted by this! The person who designed this needs to go back to the drawing board!!

Moving on… It’s snowing like a bitch here in Canada. Yesterday people were shoveling their driveways and brushing the snow off of their cars cursing Old Man Winter while they did it.

Even though we get snow every year, Canadians are always somehow surprised when it arrives. We are never prepared! There’s people riding their bikes downtown, wearing shorts and rollerblading… Then the snow starts to fall and they act like it’s some kind of freak weather incident or something! Then you get the idiot drivers who seem to forget that you can’t do 120 on a highway with fresh snow and bald tires!

I love Old Man Winter!!


4 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. Exactly! Anyone who would want an extreme all-terrain wheelchair would indeed be handi-capable… so why they would make it a push wheelchair and not a self-handling one… is beyond me!

    Pretty crazy looking though…

  2. HAHA that might be the greatest thing i ever did see, i might make myself disabled so i can get one… BEEP… i didn’t say that. (:

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