FUCK Being Politically Correct

I am so sick & tired of the whining motherfucking wankers who have ruined our democratic society by voicing their offence to things they don’t believe in or don’t understand & the political fuck heads who have accomodated them and brought things to where they are now!

I remember joking about political correctness back in the day, when the term first became popular. It was laughable and quite entertaining! It was a joke. But now, the joke has gone too far and has diseased our society and distorted our culture. Being politically correct has ruined the very fibre of our being.

Why should a democratic society such as ours embrace such a thing?! Because we are fucking stupid, that’s why! Now look what’s happened, it’s become totally out of control. We can’t even call a Christmas Tree a fucking Christmas Tree anymore… We can’t say “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and instead must say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS or SEASONS GREETINGS”. What the fuck is that? If you don’t celebrate Christmas good for you, I don’t give a fuck… But I do, so fuck off and leave me alone! I don’t get offended when you want to celebrate your fucking holidays!!

We can’t say “that dude is short… or hey look at that midget” anymore and must instead say “look at that vertically challenged fellow”. We can’t say stewardess anymore and must now say “flight attendant”. These are just a couple of examples and are all I can think of at the moment in my angered state.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech, yeah… remember that? That thing that we were supposed to be allowed to do… without consequence!

Is this what a free society is about? Biting your tongue and altering your speech, walking on egg shells out of fear of offending someone? Is that what we are… a bunch of fucking pussies?

I will NEVER censor my speech for anyone!


13 thoughts on “FUCK Being Politically Correct

  1. Once again you have spoken the truth inwords that reach me. I totally agree and wanted to say I hope you have a Fuckin Wicked Merry Christmas this year!!!

    Look forward to the next post

  2. Thank you Lingo for highlighting the issues facing us short people for I am 30 years old and coming in at only 5.5ft.

    I am SHORT. There is nothing more to it than that.

    Political Correctness fails to achieve in what it set out to do (remove discrimination) by actually doing what it tried to avoid.

    Apparently I’m not short but vertically challenged. SOD OFF. I am in no way challenged by my lack of height. In fact I see it as a gift because I have achieved more things in life than many of my taller friends, all because I am SHORT.

    Why am I challenged? What makes these lemon-sucker faced rich old biddies with too much time on their hands think that I am challenged because I don’t measure in at 6 foot 4?

    The problem is that we can’t shoot these dozy cows because there’s laws against doing so. But there’s no laws stating that these rich pointless wastes of air from trying to control our lives by telling us how we should speak. That seems fair.

    These people are damaging society as I have mentioned already here:

    Destroy Etiquette

  3. Not only do I agree, I would also like to point the issues arising when a foreigner comes to a “politically correct” country, for tourism or worse, business.

    I started learning English when I was 11, meaning that I have been familiar with the language for 18 years now. Not bad for a foreigner. Still, I never thought of saying “vertically challenged”! What happened?

    Mind you, we also have a couple ridiculously funny expressions in French… A janitor is now an “Engineer of surfaces”. LOL! Did you notice how everyone is an engineer today?

    Technical Support Engineer = fixes PC’s
    Telecom Engineer = cable guy

  4. Boy oh boy. You are a pistol. I can see why my brother likes you. I am going to do some research, and see just where dad was, nine months before you were born. What year was it, and where was your mom living at the time.

    Four eyes

  5. I am glad you enjoyed that… sorry about the over use of the word “fuck”. I was quite angry when I wrote that… obviously!

    I am happy to announce, however that our (Canadian) Liberal government is about to be brought down (due to non-confidence)!!

    You all have a Merry Fucking Christmas Too!

  6. Right on Selina! Deep appreciation from a follically and vertically challenged fecal facsimile (or as my friends call me – a baldy wee shite – which sounds a lot nicer).

  7. I couldn’t agree more. Recently a school district, I believe in Boston, BANNED any reference to snow men, Frost, no snowmen decor, none of that shit. ALL BANNED. Why you ask? well aparently some rapper wore some shirt wiht a mean frost on it, and snow now mean cocaine. WTF kinda SHIT is that? ITS BULLSHIT DAMN IT. BULLSHIT I TELL YA!!!!

  8. Preaching to the choir…

    I am not a religious person but I write extensively about this exact topic: Atheist ruining Christmas.

    Michael Newdow is their leader. He’s the one that’s ruining it for all of us, so we can spread his wave of hatred.


  9. Of course, you realize that Freedom of Speech only applies (and has only ever applied) to freedom from governmental prosecution for speech. The first amendment has no place in a discussion of societal pressures, whatever you may think of them.

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