Happy Birthday To Me

Yep… I’m another year older today! The big 2-7! As you can see by the look on my face, I am absolutely ecstatic about it!! When out shopping last night I decided to buy myself a couple of little “me gifts”. Nothing crazy, but things that make me happy! My soft & furry Orange hat makes me extremely happy, especially today because it is very very cold here!!!

So far for my birthday i’ve had; a shitty diaper, a bumped head followed by a shrieking banshee, a lovely message from one of my closest friends, a happy birthday song on my last tat post, a call from my boss and a nice conversation, a call from my mom, a call from a friend on her way to work, a “happy birthday”, an amazing haiku, a box of chocolates, and another happy birthday song on my tattoo post! I feel special.

Enjoy your day… I may not be excited about being another year older, but I know i’ll have a damn good day today followed by at least a drink or two this evening!!


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Thanks Guys!!! I’ve found some birthday stuff on the net that I’d like to share:

    Click here to check out an interesting list of useless facts about the day you were born.

    Click here to find out what colour you are based on your birthday and how it relates to your personality.

    Click here to see what else happened on the day you were born.

    Click here to learn how to say Happy Birthday in over 150 different languages.

  2. Fans of “The Kentucky Fried Movie” would call today “Sheldon” (Research it)

    Anyway hope you have a good day… 27 was so long ago for me.. Mrs DJ I feel is sneakily planning my 40th behind my back..

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Squashed bananas and spew
    You look like a monkey
    And you act like one too

    Ha ha you is old. Only I’m older so I must be ancient.

    Ohhh look, what’s that sniper doing aiming at my head. 😉

    Hope the rest of your day is going good, only by the time you read this I will be living in your future. It’s not bad here but George Bush is still running America, well at least he’s still thinking he runs America. So from me here in New Zealand I say (in my native tongue) “Happy Birthday”… (my native tongue is English). 🙂

  4. He he, that first link is cool.

    I’m 4.30058708414873 years old in dog years.

    I can boil 3.54 US ounces of water with the amount of candles on next year’s bday cake (31). I think if I’m trying to boild 3.54 US ounces of water with the candles on my cake next year, things are goin seriously wrong with the party.

    In 1977 on my birthday Daimler-Benz executive found dead. Thomas Edison died. Peking’s Summer Palace destroyed. West Side Story debuts.

    Is it just me or did a lot of death and misery occur during my BDay? (misery is in reference to the last one). 😉

  5. Thanks again guys, you’re the best, I love you all. I am a very very lucky girl. I got some amazing gifts for my birthday. Some new sassy threads, another new funky hat and I am proud to announce that I am now a PodWhore and will be starting a new blog (consequently) called BlogWhore, where I will PodCast some of my fave tracks!! I know I have an addictive personality… but this iPod is dangerously addictive!! As if I wasn’t already in my own little world, i’m a total cosmic space cadet now with my new Pink iPod!

    Kaysea – Thank You!! I’d kiss you if you were here!!!

    Kisses and Hugs all around!!!!

  6. I meant PodWhore… Not BlogWhore… although that would be a good name for a blog! I like Lingo Slinger though…

    K… I’m cut off!!


    Oh… it’s past midnight 😦

    Too fuckin’ bad… I’m sure it’s still my birthday in some part of our world, right?!

  7. Birthdays are pretty cool up to 30 and then they start to get less cool.

    You’re still way cool, girl.

    Happy Birthday and enjoy whatever comes your way.

    Ben O.

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