Baring My Soul Once Again

My scorpio soul sister Sippy invited me to answer some interesting questions. Some of them are quite amusing, and some of them could get me “dooced”, but here are my answers:

1. I’ve never had an operation.
Negatori… I had an emergency C-Section when the demon spawns were born, and I had a little mole cut out of my skin one time that they thought could be cancerous.

2. I once stole a car.
Okay fine, I did!! When I was a highschool punk. My boyfriend at the time and I stole his parents car to drive downtown so we could pick up weed while they were sleeping. Neither of us had a license and we smoked our last joint on the way!

3. Once I had a live frog visit me as a house guest.
No, we don’t get many frogs around here. One of my daughter’s names is Rayne though and did you know that there is a place in Louisiana called Rayne? They have frogs everywhere in Rayne Louisiana. I like Red Eyed Tree Frogs, they are my absolute favourite frog of all time!

4. I own over 40 watches.
No, I unfortunately don’t!!! I do have one very cool Roxy watch though. I own close to 40 pairs of shoes though and probably 20 different purses.

5. I do a tarot reading every day.
Not every day, but I do read tarot cards. I have been reading tarot cards for almost 10 years now. My grandma did it, my mom did it, my aunts did it, and now me! All of the women on my mom’s side. We’re all crazy like that!

6. Sometimes I wear tin foil in my hair.
Yep, when I go to the salon to get my highlights & lowlights done. They put layers of foil in my hair and brush on various different colours, then fold the tinfoil until the colour takes. Then when it’s all done I leave and hand over $200 plus a tip.

7. I’ve never been swimming.
Of course i’ve been swimming!! I prefer pools in exotic destinations to frigid lakes and oceans or any type of sea water. I don’t like swimming with kids because they pee in the pool.

8. I once hid a lobster under my bed.
Nope. Can’t say i’ve done that. There was a girl I went to highschool with though that everyone made fun of for having a turkey baster under her bed… Wouldn’t wanna be having Thanksgiving dinner at her house!

9. Sometimes I sit and stare at the clock for up to 4 hours at a time.
I hate time and everything it stands for. I only wear a watch because it’s a funky looking accessory, not because I give a shit what time it is. I do love watches though, just not time itself.

10. I’m licenced to drive a bus.
No, i’m surprised i’m even licensed to drive a car. I’m one crazy bitch, especially on the road. I drive a MINI Cooper which is like the polar opposite of a bus! I do drive our Jeep though when the demon spawns need to be transported, it’s not as big as a bus though.

11. I once got kicked out of a wax museum.
No. But Joe once punched a Frankenstein at a house of horrors. He was on a corporate conference and they had just been out drinking. The mechanical Frankenstein popped up in front of him and caught him off guard, so he reacted and punched it in the face knocking the head clean off. Probably an expensive repair, luckily they escaped before he got in shit!

12. Me and Jay Jay went to hawaii for christmas.
Who’s Jay Jay? I don’t know Jay Jay. I know a Jay… a couple of Jays actually. Jay is a popular name. I can’t say the same for Jay Jay though, it sounds a bit fruity. I would like to go to Hawaii for Christmas though! I would like to learn to surf in Hawaii.

13. I once conducted a research experiment.
The only experimenting i’ve ever done is with drugs… back in my wild girl days! I guess you could consider that a research experiment in a sense. There was chemistry involved!

14. I’ve never been to Fargo North Dakota.
That is true. I don’t know a fucking thing about Fargo North Dakota. I did watch a movie called Fargo once though.

15. I’ve met Christina Ricci.
No. I’ve only met rock stars, who are much cooler and fun to hang out with.

16. I watched a baby hippo being born.
No. As a general rule, I don’t like to watch anything being born.

17. I collect potato chips that look like Cat Stevens.
No. I only collect potato chips that look like Mr. Potato Head. I have a big collection.

18. I’ve been to New York.
Yep a few times. Going again with some of my crazy-ass girlfriends in January too!!

19. I keep my Aloe Vera in the fridge.
No, but it is a good idea! I might start.

20. I used to keep scrabble letters in my pillow case
No but I do love a good game of scrabble.

Okay, I feel naked. Now… Who else wants to bare their soul? How about Peggy, Nick, and Ben-O


6 thoughts on “Baring My Soul Once Again

  1. You know what? I have to agree with you. I hate time too. What an asshole that time is! Everytime you look around its 5:30 or its 11:19 fuck that shit!

  2. been to fargo. watch the movie it is far more entertaining. live in new york, the part nobody knows about. there is stuff i cannot tell you about aloe. i am the result of a bad experiment. i had sex on a bus. i knew a woman once, i loved her but i lobster.operations, i look like a mapquest page. i rolled my babysitter’s car while she was humping her boyfriend at my house. i swear i never touched jay.

  3. Hey gisher! Jay Jay is my little monkey friend, thats gross to even think about. Jay Jay would be mad if I told everyone but he cant read anyway(I dont think he’ll ever have sex!) Ewwww gross! Not Jay Jay.

  4. I have had 5 surgeries, stomach related, 1 on my throat and 3 on my jaw,I invented surgery!! I have never stolen a car however I was once dared to take the rims off..which I did but I waited until all my friend went home and thenreturned them to the car, what a loser. I never had a frog visit my place but I did once have a mouse, think his name was Gilbert and he loved peanut butter. 2 watches, 30 shoes and boots not a big purse person excpet for ones toc arry my little dog in. I never, ever had my cards read and I don’t know how to read tarot cards but I would love to learn. I have had sooooo much tinfoil in my hair I could sell my own rolls of it or get really good reception on my head!! I have been swimming, diving and snokelling although I am scared to death of the open water..go figure!! I hid a firefly under my bed…thought it was the coolest pet I ever had. i hate clocks..the ones that tick. I once stayed at my friends house and the clock was keeping me awake. When he woke in the morning to get something to drink he opended his fridge door only to find his clock on the second shelf. I cannot drive a bus but I can zip around on a Vespa like nobodies business. I have never been in a wax museum. No idea who Jay Jay is but like Lingo I know several Jay’s. My friends cat is also named Jay. Research experiments. I once did a science experiment in school for a Science Fair, it was called ” The Phate of Plants”. I decided I wanted to grow little bean sprout plants and have one as a tester and with the others I added different levels of clothing detergent to the water that was given to them everyday to see how it affected them. You know since all our wter is drained somewhere I wanted to know how the plants liked this..or didn’t. GEEK. And I too have experimented plenty with drugs, however I wonder if once you realize you like them, is it still called an experiment? No idea about NOrth Fargo but I have been to Dildo Run in Conception Bay…lol. I have met several musical performers..the rudest one being Madonna, I was so disappointed in her lack of respect for fans that just paid nearly $500 to see her. Again I am a loser. I helped birth a calf, baby horse, and hamsters. When a mommy hamster has babies, if you touch them, she bites their heads off. I tis supposed to be a threat when we, humans, touch their children. I saw Ellen’s potato chip that had a smily face on it. I love the Ellen Degeneres Show. I have never been anywhere in the great country of America. I have only done Island travelling. However now I being to myself the point of the Island of Manhatten..did I get that right…??? I keep my Aloe Vera in the plants it grows in. No scrabble letters in my pillow case but I love scrabble.

    So who thinks I am odd?? Come on now don’t be shy….

  5. Peggy I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading that!! It was awesome!!!! I love that you put your friends clock in the fridge… lol, that’s amazing!

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