An Intervention chick blasting on a crack pipe

I am addicted to the show Intervention. I watch it religiously every Sunday. It is perhaps the only religious thing I do on a Sunday (with the exception of the odd Church Signs Are Fun or Catholic Sunday post of course)! I guess part of the reason why I like it so much is because it makes me feel better about anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. That sounds horrible, I know…But these people are seriously fucked up!! I also use the show as inspiration for scenes in my novel. It has helped me write a few crazy scenes!

Something that makes me a wee bit skeptical though, is the fact that the producers of the show have injected it with some type of addictive chemical, which is obviously releasing dopamine into my brain causing me to become addicted to the show. The whole point of Intervention is to help people with addiction… addiction of any kind; drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating… whatever! So doesn’’t it go against everything the show stands for to have such an addictive program that causes people (like me) to become addicted to it?! The good thing is that it’s only on once a week, otherwise I think Intervention would be airing shows about people who are addicted to Intervention!!

Here’’s a link to the website, you should be able to check out a preview of this week’’s episode (the one I just watched). Be careful though… It’s addictive!

6 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. I noticed a church sign this morning on my way back from taking my son to school, and it wasn’t even meant to be intentional like they normally do. But then again it may just be me who thinks this is amusing.

    Revival! Saturday night 8:00PM
    Join us and hear Dr. Norman Graves

  2. I was watching Invervention with my sister. It was some episode about this teenager who was addicted to herion. There was a scene where she is buying herion in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. When she pulls out of the parking lot, we noticed that it was the same Wendy’s from our home town, lol. We didn’t realize that the episode took place in Philly.

  3. Ha ha!! That is a good church sign, too bad you didn’t get a picture of that!

    That’s cool that the junkies in Philly are representin’!

    Seriously it is a cool show… And it actually helps people!

    Gisher: NOTHING can replace Jerry!! Before I die I will go to a taping… Not to watch the show, but to get some Jerry beads!!

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