Looking For a Dirty Hoe?

When you’re lookin’ for a hoe, you don’t want one of them clean high maintanence hoes… you want a nasty DIRTY HOE!!! One that isn’t afraid to get in there… get down ‘n’ dirty and get the job done right! One that likes it rough, plays tough, and makes the other hoes look like lazy useless tools! The dirty hoe will get the job done ANYWHERE… in your garden, in someone elses garden or even in the front yard! Pick up a Dirty Hoe today, you’ll be glad you did!


8 thoughts on “Looking For a Dirty Hoe?

  1. I think he does actually… And I think his name is Leroy Brown!! I’ve seen him picking up dirty hoes around town to bring back to his shed.

  2. Mic: LOL!!! You are the man!!

    Mary: Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment!! I love your hubby’s site, it’s hillarious!! I appreciate you taking the time to read mine too!!

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