I Don’t Get It…

Why would you say No to free drugs?! In all seriousness, the sign in itself is a bit of a conundrum isn’t it! It says “Just Say NO To Forced Drugging”. Just saying No would imply that one has a choice in the matter. How can you say NO to FORCED drugging? That doesn’t make any fucking sense. Obviously the chick that created the sign is delusional, and probably still high from saying No to the forced drugs she took.


10 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It…

  1. LMFAO!!!! I can’t stop laughing. This is so short and sweet, and by far the funniest! I hate when I don’t get to say NO to Forced Drugging.

  2. Why that reminds me of the time I was given the option to participate in forced feeding. I was appalled that they asked me to be forced fed, I’m glad I said no. Now everyone is being having drugs forced upon them! I hope everyone takes the advice on that sign and says NO!

  3. Lingo baby – your site always cracks me up. So eclectic and informative . . . in a “let’s see how many we can stack up there before it tips over” sort of way.

    I want that Swamp album – creepy!

    The forced drugging sign is pretty good. I’m all for protesting if you feel strongly about something, but it always seemed to me that the minute you take the time to actually write some slogan or sentiment out on a sign, you’re going to regret it for some grammatical or idealogical reason. Like showing up at an anti-abortion rally with the “Save the Whales” sign.

    Stay fun and funny –

    Ben O.

  4. Ya, I’ve really got to stop saying “yes” to that forced drugging. Thanks weird chick in the picture for teaching me that it’s ok to say no to forced drugging.

    Seriously, how drugged do you have to be to write a witty sign like that? I’m guessing she’s all for saying yes to noncompulsory drugging.

  5. Does the guy in the background (head right under the first ‘G’ in ‘Drugging’) have a joint hanging out of his mouth? MAYBE Miss Protester is pissed because she has a contact buzz & she feels its in violation to her rights. Now she’s forced with cotton mouth & forced to go eat some munchies.

  6. hey. wanted to visit some sites on the rev’s page and decided on yours first…awesomeness still reigns supreme in the spacious cyberworld…visit lots of sites and yours has gonads, for goddamn sure… keep up the good work and good luck on the novel…

  7. This seems vaguely familiar to a night when I had way too much to drink. I passed out in my war room and my buddy felt it necessary to hold me up against the wall and pour more beer in.

    I wanted to say know to forced drugging, but it was way to much fun for all of that.

  8. Gotta admit, at first glance that sign looks pretty fun, but let me play the devil’s advocate… 😉

    In the United States, the court can constitutionally order drugs be given to your child for certain conditions (ADHD for example), regardless of what you think is right for your own child. If you fail to comply, your child can be taken away by Child Services.

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