Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 4

Seems like the only ones having fun at this communist bash are Lyle Lovett Jr. and his wacky commy bitch girlfriend who forgot to take her curlers out. Perhaps they are the leaders of the Russian Suicide Club. Look around, do the people look like they are having fun?… HELL NO!!! It looks like they are too consumed with thoughts of their impending deaths! Lyle and Curly Sue are laughin’ it up though aren’t they! The only popular hits this party is going to hear are the sound of direct hits that are about to be dropped on their locale from the skies above, blowing them all to smithereens.

You know what this album is missing? A couple more tongues… I mean if you’re gonna go there, fuck, do it properly!!! I’m wondering what the “If I Ever Kiss It… He Can Kiss It Goodbye!” title is supposed to mean. Is he referring to another Dogg’s bitch? Or perhaps he is referring to the fear of kissing and then biting off another Dogg’s dick. Sounds like Swamp Dogg likes to dive deep into swampy nasty bush territory where fungus runs rampant! He probably wears a lot of lip gloss and often has cold sores. Swamp Dogg is really quite nasty!

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7 thoughts on “Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 4

  1. This post may be your most offensive yet! Way worse than that priest cartoon. I am horrified beyond words! Dig those heirstyles!

  2. Wow, do you think, really? I don’t know what to say… I’m flattered, thank you!!

    Ya like Lyle’s hair don’t ya!!!

  3. No Photoshopping necessary, they were bad to begin with!! I should start posting some Queen albums, they have some bad ones!

  4. Sippy, I don’t think Selina will ever tell.


    The top one is so true, no one is having any fun, some party.

    The bottom one looks like that tounge is licking his suit.

    Fredcq is right~these are so awesomely offensive! Keep up the great work.

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