Got Zombies?

Happy Halloween!! In honour of this day for freaks (like me), I’ve found some interesting things on the internet about Zombies that you might like to check out.

Here is something I found on Craiglist! Looks like Zombies are in demand!! This Zombie-Lord is looking for high class Zombies though & gives special consideration to Zombie ninjas!!

Here is a site for Zombies to buy brains from! They even have reviews of the brains!! Kind of like the Zombie equivalent to Amazon!

If you don’t want to dress up as a Zombie, but like Zombies and want a Zombie tee, click here.

If you are po and can’t affor a Zombie tee or a costume, click here to create a costume using the Cheapie Creepy Costume Generator.

Totally unrelated: TODAY I HIT 100 POSTS!!! WooHoo! In your face Timmy!


11 thoughts on “Got Zombies?

  1. Hey Selina!!

    Not really into being a Zombie but it does look at though it could be DEADLY!!! That was my Halloween funny. lol

    Too bad you didn’t make it by the party on was fun..most were in costume..I was a Woodland Fairy. Did you do anything?

    Sorry I have not posted in a while..been really busy. Nice to see that your site has totally taken off. Keep trucking girlie!!

  2. Hey Peggy!!
    So good to hear from you. I thought you didn’t love me anymore… LOL!!

    We would have LOVED to make the party on Saturday, but we had an Open House and I’ve had a sore neck since Friday! Plus, no sitter!

    My birthday is coming up though (Nov. 17), as is Alicia’s and Tracy’s. I think we’ll do a joint throw down! Possibly a kick-ass dinner and a partei!! Ship the demon spawns off for the weekend!!

    Happy Halloween btw!! I got your funny!! It was pretty slick! šŸ˜€

    Rev. Gisher: You are giving me ideas!!!

  3. That’s cool Hiddenson!!! Good to know too! When you fork out all that cash for a dog, you need to know that you can bring him back from the dead if he croaks! That’s an important buying decision!

  4. Lisergic Angel huh… You sound like my kind of kat!! Isn’t it Lysergic though? Or… I guess you’re just mixing it up with the spelling, making it more discreet. Perhaps we can can help you with your English around here… But I must warn you, it may not be proper English!! In fact, some of it barely qualifies as English at all.

    Here are some links that may also interest you:

    Click here for learning gangsta talk
    This site won’t be of any help
    And this… Well you just need to see this!!

    See you in the darkness!! šŸ™‚

  5. incoming rant fest-got a rant pool party going on, now that you are one of the “big shots” (oh how i doth flatter myself without legitimacy)please bring your twisted self over if you get a chance.

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