Sick Twisted Bastards

Since my last post (or rant, whatever you wanna call it) was so angry, I thought this photo would lighten the mood around here… or not, I don’t know. But a funny photo none the less! Truly, what were the designers of this ride thinking? Fucking perverts!


10 thoughts on “Sick Twisted Bastards

  1. Sippy… Right you are! My daughters on that ride… “HELL NO!”… Me? “Let’s get it on ducky!”

    Donalds beek could be fun… and pleasurable!!

    LOL!!! Okay, i’m gonna shut up now!

  2. 1) where did you get that sick picture
    2) how much does that disgusting perverse machine cost?
    3)do the little girls come with it?
    4) will they deliver to new york?

  3. It appears as if the designers of the ride aren’t the only sick bastards around here… Looks like we’re all a bunch of sick fucks!

    Rev. Gisher: I will have one promptly delivered to your church and will include a girl for ya! How’s that? Or a boy if you’d prefer… Let me know… Are you Catholic?

  4. Get them young enough and contraception is not a problem. Did you smell incense on me? vatgaveitavay? I am not a priest so a little girl will do. got any redheads?

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