Another Embarrassing Liberal Blunder

I am absolutely horrified that our government has denied Charles & Camilla a visit to Canada on their North American trip next month. They were going to make this their first stop, which should be an honour. But no, not for us… Our Prime Minister decided that he should reject them “just in case” there is an election! Yeah, we could only be so fucking lucky! You smug prick!

I’m starting to get really pissed off at this country I am living in. My opinion doesn’t really count though because I am not a Canadian Citizen, so I shouldn’t really complain, but I am going to! To be honest… I am starting to question whether I even want to be a Canadian Citizen period! I have watched our government make some monumental mistakes the past few years (which I can forgive, because every government makes questionable decisions), but pissing off our G7 friends and the only people in this world who are capable of protecting us and helping us (read: America & Britain) is something that I just cannot deal with. It’s not like our $10 army would be able to do anything if we got in trouble! We had to borrow fatigues from the Americans in Afghanistan because our incompetent government wouldn’t pay for desert fatigues for our soldiers and sent them out there wearing Green camouflage! Might as well have sent them out there with big fucking targets on their chests!

The rejection of a visit from Charles & Camilla is basically the equivalent to a big “FUCK YOU” from Canada, something we seem to be getting pretty good at these days! Pretty soon Canada is going to have no friends in this world, or perhaps the only friends we will have are the ones that can’t do shit for us and aren’t even capable of helping themselves! Way to run a country there Liberals… Fucking idiots!!

3 thoughts on “Another Embarrassing Liberal Blunder

  1. I don’t see this as being such a smug slight as you do. Honestly…here in Canada, no one cares about the monarchy except little old ladies. Sure it’s ok to have…but only because it would cost to much to get rid of.

  2. Oh, I know that no one really cares about the monarchy anymore… hell even in Britain they don’t. I don’t and i’m Welsh. I’m more pissed off at the fact that it is an act of disrespect. We don’t have to embrace the monarchy at all, in fact we can laugh at them when they leave… but we shouldn’t reject a visit from them because there “might” be an election, that is just a sign of disrespect in my eyes.

  3. are you for real?!
    of all the crazy f’d up governmental policies and bullshit, this is what makes you: “horrified”?!

    please. the canadian government- please at least check your facts – always gives political environment ‘what’s-up’ info when the royals are interested in gracing us with a visit. this is a far cry from “denying” a royal visit. the canadian government presented their facts. the royals decided not to come. (and really- you think the canadian government could tell the brits, never mind the royals, what to do or not do?!! please.)

    you want to talk horrifying? try the cost to the canadian taxpayer (not you, but actual taxpayers) for these ridiculous pomp and ceremony grand royal visits. go ahead, look up the cost. then ask around about how many of us (us, again- not you) want, ask or would vote for -though we’re not given that choice- these ridiculous royal visits.

    well- i’d planned to go on responding to your ridiculous complaints, but i don’t feel like wasting any more time on you than necassary. feel free to respond to me directly: that is if you’re still here enjoying all the good that is canadian. otherwise i hope you’ve moved on to live in a lesser country and have found something real to complain about.

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