Things I’ve Noticed

Above: A Photo of me with some freaky
Photoshop modifications.

1.) The super fans of the show Desperate Housewives usually ARE Desperate Housewives.
2.) There hasn’t been any new trends since the turn of the millenium, just lots of rehashing.
3.) Weather People don’t get any respect from the anchors at the news station.
4.) There are a lot more freaky-ass diseases going around these days than ever before.
5.) A lot of parents are afraid to discipline their kids properly & end up with horrible brats!
6.) Tattoos are extremely addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop!
7.) People are afraid to speak freely in our supposed “freedom of speech” friendly society.
8.) Women sometimes do a really bad job of communicating to men & then get mad at men for not understanding what’s wrong.
9.) This year (2005) seems to be the year of the baby. Everyone’s having them!
10.) Eight year old kids don’t know who Madonna is and cannot identify her from a picture.

What have you noticed?


11 thoughts on “Things I’ve Noticed

  1. I have a celtic infinity dragon in the center of my upper back (just below my neck) – Black w/ shading

    A Welsh dragon with a half moon above it beside my pelvis – Colour

    An Om symbol on the lower right side of my back – Black w/ shading

    AND… (see what I mean by addicting) I have a friend who’s currently designing another dragon tattoo for me (I love dragons). A twin dragon tattoo, the dragons are wrapped around a sword. This is for my twin daughters, to honour them in ink!

    What tats do you have?

  2. I like the girls talking to guys comment. It works both ways, but it certainly feels good to hear someone say it.

    I love the picture – nice.

    Ben O.

  3. Yeah, I’d like to say otherwise, but us women are NOTORIOUS for expecting you men to know what’s bugging us. THEN… we get mad when you ask us what’s wrong and we say “nothing”, like we expect you to be mind-readers or something.

    I try to be weary of this…

  4. “9.) This year (2005) seems to be the year of the baby. Everyone’s having them!”

    Ok I thought it was just me. I thought BECAUSE I am a mommy now, I am just noticing all the babys being born in Holiwood… But now I feel it is a conspiracy to bring back the baby boomers.

    What a f-ed up crazy place to live.

  5. 11. You can’t trust the media to do anything but push their parent company’s agenda.

    12. You can’t do anything or go anywhere without some form of advertising smacking u upside the head.

    13. There are no true leaders anymore, everyone is either corrupt, a liar or a thief.

  6. We’re not dumb… we know what’s wrong with you. But admitting that is almost like accepting responsibility for it 🙂

    Sometimes it’s best to just keep your mouth shut 🙂

  7. Nick: Ohhhh… I see how you are!! You’re one of the smart ones! LOL!!

    Jamal: Definitely… 4,5 and 7 suck!!! Totally troubling!

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