Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 3

Okay labia, you are straight-up creepy! Not only do you look like Hitler’s top ranking spy, but you also look like a serial killing diesel dike muff diver. The roses aren’t fooling anyone. I don’t know German so I don’t know what your album says, but frankly, I don’t want to know! You are one scary bitch! Not to mention you look like you just did a few lines of jib in the washroom before your photoshoot! You could have used a little lip gloss to remedy the dry mouth and you should have worn a darker lens to hide your intense (and creepy) stare! No I will not sleep with you!

You are the very reason why people are fucking terrified of clowns! You might as well have a huge bloody knife in your hand there Mr. Stabby! You were even too creepy for House of 1000 Corpses… You freaked Rob Zombie out when you auditioned! If you showed up at my birthday party I would probably run screaming, but perhaps go back and proceed to beat the fuck out of you with my stiletto when I realized that you couldn’t run very fast in those huge ridiculous clown shoes. Your album cover is not only creepy, but fucking stupid!!

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7 thoughts on “Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 3

  1. SeLiNa~ I am dying laughing girl!! These are by far the funniest ones yet!! Keep it up so when you get famous, I can I say I knew you when.

  2. Those are truly, fantastically creepy. I want to buy them and give them as wedding presents with a really sincere look on my face. Great blog too, by the way.

  3. Love Mother… That’s what the German says…

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope I wasn’t too brutal on you… it’s all about debate right?

  4. My translation got “dear mother”. Either way love or dear I’d have a hard time admitting that was my kid.

    LMAO @ the clown. Stephen King would love it!

  5. Thanks for the translation… She’s still a scary bitch!

    It would be hillarious to give these LPs as a gift to someone… Just to see the look on their face! But do it all serious like…

    Steve – not at all. I was just having fun! What a wanker that Daedalus guy was though… I left him a nice little message.

  6. That lady on the album cover looks like the woman who would visit my mother to deliver the Avon catalogue. Then she’d sneak into my room and whisper disturbing stories about her Uncle and a small monkey named “Patrick”

    And people wonder why I stabbed someone with a mascara wand.

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