Ladies… Look No Further!

This is it girls… This is what we’ve been waiting for!! A shirt that finally embodies the true essence of everything it is that we look for in a shirt! It’s classy, it’s sophisticated… I mean, who is the designer behind this brilliant design?! What broad wouldn’t want to rock a stylin’ shirt like this?! It has BOOB TUBES!!! Forget cleavage, full on nipple exposure is where it’s at people! This is gonna be the next big thing, I can feel it. You could wear this classy shirt with a nice blazer to your next job interview and lean in (ever so slightly) exposing one of your Boob Tubes to the dude who’s interviewing you… Yeah, you can pretty much guarantee, it’s in the bag! The job is yours! Although, you may have to give him a blowjob…


11 thoughts on “Ladies… Look No Further!

  1. Great post! I can’t even imagine anyone walking around my office in that shirt..or maybe I can.

    BTW – Thanks for taking the time read my blog and post there. That was really a nice thing to do. I will check out the writing forum that you suggested. I have been looking for a good one for while. Also, I posted a reply to your last message in the BlogExplostion forum if you have time to read it. Take Care!

  2. Yeah… I think this is easily the most RETARDED article of clothing I have ever seen in my life… And YES I DO REMEMBER THE 80s!!

    Not sexy in any sort of way…

  3. I think the shirt makes the chick look like she has alien tits. Her cleavage is non-existent since her tits are 5 miles away from each other…

    Cleavage would’ve been WAY hotter!

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