Signs with Dicks

Nothing like a sausage party huh guys?! Either this pub is extremely popular with desperate cougs, or is a hot spot with flamboyant homosexual men! There’s no way that any straight man would hang out in a bar called COCKS hoping to pick up a chick… It’s just not gonna happen!

Well you didn’t think a dick of THAT size was gonna go all the way in did you?! Home of the “Minnow Shot”… What could they possibly be selling in the gift shop?! Penis enlargers, cock rings, vibrators, full leather face masks with choke balls?! Maybe you can even rent a gimp…

As a matter of fact, I think I am going to call these guys just to check it out! I’m curious…


7 thoughts on “Signs with Dicks

  1. For years there was a bar named Dicks in the Castro (gay district in San Francisco) that was ironically enough, an old-guy straight bar.

    When it finally went under, it was re-christened Sledgehammer and became decidedly gay.

    I have no pictures to prove any of this.

  2. Ha ha ha!! Perhaps “Dicks” was for closet gays!! With the re-launch of Sledgehammer it probably made them easier to out themselves. The clientele likely didn’t change much… LOL!!

    That’s hillarious!

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