Happy Thanksgiving

Well, the bird is in the oven, and I am taking a break from prepping vegetables to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I know that it’s not the American Thanksgiving (before you all start saying What the Fuck?! It’s not Thanksgiving), but it is the lesser-known Canadian Thansgiving! So I am wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving today, on our Thanksgiving!

My sister and mom are coming over to join us (Joe, babies and me) for a massive feast, the first Thanksgiving dinner that I have ever undertaken on my own!! As long as I don’t fuck up the turkey or have too many glasses of wine, i’m sure everything will turn out amazing! My poor dad & brother in Manchester are going to be thinking about us scarfing down our awesome turkey dinner as they are eating their sub-standard curry & chips! That’s why we moved to Canada… To get away from the food. 😉 Kidding of course… There are sooooo many things I love to eat in Britain… Chip Butties, Fish N Chips, Curry & Chips… Noticing a theme here. I love chips!

Here’s my menu for the day:

Roasted & braized turkey stuffed with cranberry stuffing
Candied Caramelized Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Parsnips
Mashed Potatoes with Garlic
Seasoned Parisienne Potatoes & Carrots
Buttered Green Beans
Baked Bread Stuffing

and for dessert:
Apple Crisp w/ Cool Whip
Pumpkin Pie w/ Cool Whip

So… Wish me luck! Hopefully it won’t be a disaster! So far so good though.


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Oh man, I can’t wait for American Thanksgiving, hmmm turkey, rolls, mashed potatos, stupid parades, and FOOTBALL.

    Happy Thanksgiving (For Those In Canada)

  2. Yah… I rock!! Any previous reputation I may (or may not) have had about not being able to cook my way out of a paper bag was blown out of the water today with my STELLAR display of culinary perfection!

    Okay, so maybe when you have a huge disposable income, lots of “me-time” and no kids, you tend to eat out and order in a lot! Pad Thai, Swiss Chalet, Mandarin, Boston Pizza… Whatever! Why bother cooking if you don’t have to right?!

    Well, in the 8 months since my demon-spawns have been born I have transformed myself from the ugly duckling of the kitchen to the beautiful swan!!

    (*pat, pat pat*) Myself… On the back!

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