If I was Asian I would SO rock this tee…

11 thoughts on “If I was Asian I would SO rock this tee…

  1. Love the shirt. I am sure that you could maek something on one of your shirst that could be just as funny!! Come on gurl..get thinking!!!

  2. HAHA… A canadian in a “Love you long time shirt”. Now that would be funny!

    Got a name scorpio? LingoSlinger is a little difficult to coin into a nifty nickname. If not, you will be permanently stamped as the Hockey Fan with the w1ck3d blog that loves rice pudding and jams to Nickelback for cheap thrills.


  3. Oh no… Please don’t stamp me as a rice pudding eating, Nickelback listening hockey fan!!!!! My name is Selina! And I am a Manchester United fan!

    And for the record… I’d love to take Nickelback up to the great White North and leave them in an igloo somewhere never to return to Canadian airwaves!


    Had to pull out the Nickelback, I hear many hate comments working on Matt Good’s site. Not from Matt mind you. His fan’s can be vicious.

  5. Wow, I have never heard that term before and I am a die hard fan! I had a sneaking suspicion that’s what it was…

    I guess my excuse is that I live in Canada. I’ve only ever been to one LIVE game at Old Trafford before. The best sporting event EVER!

    Have you seen Bend It Like Beckham? Thought it would suck arse, but it was actually quite good!

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