Things You Didn’t Know (and probably didn’t care to know) About Canada

1.) We do not pronounce the word “About” like “A Boot”, but we do say Fuckin’ Eh!
2.) Canadian immigrants have more clout in this country than members of parliament.
3.) We have more sex per capita than anywhere else in the world.
4.) Beavers are EVERYWHERE here! There are more beavers than there are squirrels.
6.) We apologize a lot and tend to be too nice, but when drunk we turn into inconsiderate pricks!
7.) We are immune to the cold and sometimes wear shorts on a warm winter day.
8.) Our stars recognize the fact that they can’t be rich here and head to the States.
9.) Our doctors recognize that they can’t be rich here and head to the States.
10.) We drink beer for breakfast.
11.) The concept for Canadian money was developed over a game of Monopoly.
12.) We love to hate Wal-Mart but shop there for everything.
13.) We don’t have Rednecks here but we do have Hicks!
14.) If you don’t hunt you’re a wussy!
15.) Most of us have never seen an igloo but wouldn’t mind living in one.
16.) EVERYONE smokes the funky buddha here…. and I do mean EVERYONE!
17.) We hate Celine Dion which is why we punked her off to Vegas.
18.) Our National sport is actually Bowling, not hockey!
19.) We invented Keg Stands and are home to the worlds top reigning Keg Stand champion.
20.) Tourists only come here for the beer!

If you’d like to read more about this great nation click here.


9 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know (and probably didn’t care to know) About Canada

  1. Canadians are only polite when not drunk. The Trailer Park Boys are always drunk (and stoned)… Have you ever seen Julian without a rum & coke? Have you ever heard him apologize?

    I think Curling was invented by a drunk Canadian who was bored while ice fishing.

  2. Hey Lingo – are you a Canuck?

    Pretty cool – I love it up there. Beautiful place. I could have sworn that Lacrosse was the national sport.

    I’m actually waiting patiently for Hockey get going again.

    Go Avs!

    Ben O.

  3. I’m actually NOT a Canadian Citizen… I am considered a Canadian Landed Immigrant! I hail from Wales U.K. but moved here in the early 80s.

    I guess I had better get around to getting my citizenship… Technically, if I did something wrong, I could be deported!

  4. That is pretty interesting – I have never been to Wales, but it’s on the list.

    You better behave yourself or they might nab ya.

    I need to get back up there – Vancouver is absolutely breathtaking. I’m into trees and mist and such. Cool, cool place.

    Ben O.

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