Don’t Drink & Blog!

I was afraid to look at my blog when I woke up today… I vaguely remembered posting something last night and was somewhat (but not totally) relieved when I looked at what I had written. I don’t know what I was thinking… Drinking & blogging do not mix!!! My poor friends too, they must have thought I was crazy… “Excuse me guys while I go and publish this ever so important blog entry about how I can see better with one eye”.

I was going to delete it, but then I thought “no… better to keep it up so it can serve as a constant reminder of my own stupidity”!

I guess it could have been worse though… Like say I had published my post at 3am instead of shortly after 12, Yeah… TOTALLY different story! Then I would really be regretting it today! Although at 3am I don’t think I was coherent enough to formulate a sentence anyway.

So kids, the message for today is:



4 thoughts on “Don’t Drink & Blog!

  1. Damn Girl~~
    ~~Keep blogging and never look back…unless you have nothing else better to do….but then DON’T change it. Drunk Raw blogging is what life is made of. I am severly impressed at your ability to drink and totally sound sober.

  2. i do some of me best writing when drunk… or do i

    awwww you only got “partial Profanity” aswell, what are we doing wrong ??


  3. I know… I don’t get the whole “partial profanity” thing… I guess i’m not as hardcore as I thought!

    I wonder if saying “COCK MASTERING UNCLE FUCKER” would get me more than a Partial Profanity rating.

  4. Hey there drunk mad woman!! Sounds as though you had a great time…wish I were there. Was anynoe surprised when you toer yourself away to write your blog?? haha

    Anyhow…drinks and more drunken stupers are just around the corner…


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