Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 2

Oooh yeah… Guys I bet this album cover makes you hot under the collar! There’s nothing sexier than a constipated bitch on the toilet tryin’ to pinch a loaf! Am I missing something here? Is there something oddly appealing about that “dropping the kids off at the pool” face?

And what is with the flower vase on the floor? It’s totally out of place… Was it supposed to be on the back of the toilet? Did she put it on the floor because she was prairie doggin’ and shaking the porcelain God?

I don’t get it… Don’t really want to though to be honest! I bet her mother is proud!

Ummm yeah… You guys are supposed to be Ministers? Don’t you think the religious community has had just about enough of you alter-boy-diddling freaks? NO you cannot touch him!! And if you do, God will punish you… SEVERELY! In fact he may even use your pee pee as a lightning conductor! It’s nice that you’ve assembled yourself into a perverted little quartet, but keep your dirty old leather balls contained you disgusting sinners!

Well aren’t you just a fucking ray of sunshine Mr. Freddie wants to be Deadie! I know the next time I feel like dancing, i’ll be throwing down the “All My Friends Are Dead” album, because let’s face it… Nothing says “good times” like thinking about dead friends!

Freddie… Dude, let it go! They’re gone! If your aim was to depress people with this horrible album cover then GOOD JOB… because now I feel like blowing my head off! Seriously, I think you should just go and shoot yourself in the face and get it over with! You know you want to!


5 thoughts on “Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 2

  1. Is that chick a “Michael Jackson” relative or are their names just the same? Just curious- was wondering if perversion runs in the family.

    GMTA! Before I ever read the text to the gospel singers I thought- yeah I bet they’d like to touch “him” lol

    And Freddie- damn what a comedian! Hank Jr. had enough sense at least to say that his friends had “rowdied on down”.

  2. Dude – I’m a Card-Carrying Christian and that “Let me Touch Him” album gives me the creeps bigtime. What’s up with the picture too? Hello, it looks like someone said, “Let’s get four generations in one picture!”

    Funny stuff – Ben O.

  3. 1.)Nasty

    Wonderful- remind me to NOT eat while reading ‘Lingo Slinger’ again. I almost threw up my lasagna all over the keyboard.
    Keep up the superior slams SeLiNa.–>

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