McFucked Situations

The captain might go down with the ship, but Ronald doesn’t go down with the establishment! In fact, he’s sitting there waiting patiently for the McClean-Up crew to come and restore the building to it’s former splendor, only this time, it will be fire-proof! The arches will be brighter, bigger and will be visible from the windows of all local public schools as hungry children everywhere stare outside from their classrooms dreaming of their next Happy Meal.

Yeah… The Do Not Enter sign is funny, but what’s even funnier is the Bride & Groom that are walking through the front door! I mean, dude… Come on… Your wife deserves better than that doesn’t she? All those blow jobs… picking your drunk and disorderly ass up from the rippers where you spent your vacation money on lap dances… her having to hold her pee for a half-hour after you’ve been in the washroom… Take her to Wendy’s atleast!!!

Don’t worry folks, the Drive-Thru is still open! Just ask the rescue boat captain to navigate through, he won’t mind. Or, if you haven’t been rescued yet perhaps you can hang on to a piece of floating debris and kick your way through the drive-thru. It’s okay if your money is wet… we’ll still take it!

Thanks to Kaysea for sending these McFucked photos to me!

4 thoughts on “McFucked Situations

  1. Incredible SeLiNa!! Nice observation on the bride and groom haha. I knew you could make fun of these, but I had no idea you would make fun of them so good. I am still laughing.

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