Canada Welcomes New Governor-General

All morning i’ve been watching Canada’s new Governor-General (Michaëlle Jean) get sworn in. Jean is a Haitian Canadian who came here when she was only 11 years old. I am extremely happy about who our Prime Minister has selected to take on this important role. I was a big fan of Adrienne Clarkson and wasn’t sure that anybody would ever be able to fill her shoes, but I have to say… I have high hopes for Jean. She has a beautiful radiance about her, she carries herself with grace and is an extremely intelligent woman! I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish over the next several years. Canada has made me proud with this one!

Click here to read more from CBC.


2 thoughts on “Canada Welcomes New Governor-General

  1. I never knew you were a mush head.

    the Gov-Gen is sure a hottie, but let’s face it, it is just a figure-head position. She’s like the Queen’s secretary or something.

  2. Ha ha!! I guess I am a mush head.

    Yes, her role is largely that of a figure-head and is primarily ceremonial, however she is also a global figure-head for Canada.

    I am happy about the decision, especially at a time when i’m not diggin’ some of the decisions made by our government!!

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