Shoot Up and Swallow

Wow… It’s kind of hard to shock me, but this is quite shocking! Only in the Netherlands could a TV show get away with having reporters out there in the field using heroin, acid and pot!! I think that it’s cool that they want to have a show that discusses drug use & issues, but I think that this is going a bit overboard. I mean do they really need reporters on TV saying “hey look at me, i’m high on heroin… look how good I feel. Go ahead kids try this at home, you’ll be glad you did!” It’s pretty irresponsible!

Having said that though… I would still like to see the show!


5 thoughts on “Shoot Up and Swallow

  1. I just started shooting up this week. No, not heroine, and not intra veneous. I’m shooting a drug called Enbrel which is a drug for arthritis and psoriasis injrcted into the fatty tissue. I hate needles, but they are so small they don’t hurt at all. I’ll let you know if it clears up my skin and makes me feel better overall.

  2. Dude, I might be in the same position. I just got tested for Arthritis on Tuesday. Ever since my girlies were born i’ve been having chronic pain in my knees and ankles. My doctor sent me for arthritis testing. Today I got a call from my doctor (re: my results) and I have to go in on Monday. I’m hoping I don’t have it… but my mom does, so it’s not lookin’ good.

    Anyway…Whatever. I’ll deal. I might be shootin’ up with ya! I’ll just make sure I keep my ass in the gym, that should help!

  3. *feels left out of conversation because she doesn’t shoot up, nor does she have arthritis* having children does a number to your body in many undesirable ways.

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