Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 1

Record Executive @ Trife Records: “I’m sorry Ken… There were NO requests for your album. Not even one. I wasn’t gonna tell you this, but we actually didn’t even press your record. In fact we even tried to offer free promo copies, but there were no takers. You might wanna go back to the drawing board on your image, maybe rethink that hair! I’m sorry Ken, but we’re gonna have to ask for the leisure suit back too.”

Yeah… this album cover is a little creepy! Actually it’s really quite disturbing. It looks like poor little Xiu Xiu was kidnapped by a dirty old pedophile, then taken to a crusty 1 bedroom apartment somewhere and forced to pose naked with this creepy doll. I mean, Come on… WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING when they designed this album cover????

Devastatin’ Dave means business! He’s got his weight lifting gloves on and is pumped and ready to Zip Zap Rap some serious rhymes! Dave is one HARDCORE mutha fucka… Just look at those leather pants. Note: the word ZAP covering his fly eyes!

8 thoughts on “Album Cover Trainwrecks Vol. 1

  1. * if i could only grow a rockin’ ‘stache like Ken….

    * horrific album cover to have out in the open, but a kick@$$ album to listen to actually.

    * sweet mother of pearl, the ZIP ZAP RAP is everything i want to be !!!!

  2. I think I’ve heard some of that Ken dude in an elevator in downtown Kansas City once. Although I be a little bit mistaken.

    Nice pants Mr. Zap . . . please don’t hurt me.

    Ben O.

  3. Dave was so classic that I had to put him on a t-shirt… LOL!! If you click my “Lingo Slinger Apparel” link on the Right hand side, you can check it out… Pretty damn funny!

  4. Ken is too ahead of his time. The industry isn’t ready for an innovator just yet.

    I like the suit he’s rocking though and the handlebar stashe looks BOSS.

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