I was just listening to Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven. I hadn’t listened to the song in a long time before today (probably years). But today I felt a sudden urge to hear it. It brought back memories and feelings of nostalgia. This song had a huge impact on me, and still does. It will always have a very special place in my heart.

What song holds a special place in your heart?


12 thoughts on “Legendary

  1. For me it is probably “With or Without You” or this really cool song by Tears for Fears called “Goodnight Song”. If you haven’t ever heard it, look it up.

    It is really good.

    Nice question – Ben O.

  2. I always ha d special place for Brothers in Arms, Dire STraits and I also really loved Big LOg, Robert PLant. These songs were introduced to me through some of my older brothers. The instrumental in Big Log can so place you somewhere.other then where you are…if that makes sense to anyone…and Brother’s in Arms…well just listne to the words…I am sure everyone can relate.

    I agree with Ben O…good question

  3. I can’t stand Stairway… just personal choice I guess, plus I’ve been tainted with drunkards asking me to play it despite protests from me that you cannot party to the track.
    Then of course it was made famous in Wayne’s World in the guitar store scene….

    But Worse (Yes it gets worse) theres a media identity here by the name of Andrew Denton who got a bunch of folks together a number of years back and recorded 17 different versions of Stairway. Called the album “Stairways to Heaven”
    There was a ballad version, hard rock version, spoken word version and so on and on.
    You might find a copy of ebay.

    As to what moves me, hmmm. Not sure I have a track I reach for when I need to go to my happy place, perhaps if pressed I’d say “Strong in love” by Chicane feat Mason or “Feel so real” by Dream Frequency.

  4. Oh great… Thanks a lot for ruining my song DJ!!! Now i’m gonna have “Wayne’s World… Wayne’s World… Party Time… Excellent” in my head every time I go to play that track! It’s over… You’ve ruined it now! Thanks! 😉

    Another fave of mine is Roy Ayers -Everybody Loves The Sunshine!!! Kick ass!!

  5. that Roy Ayers “Loves the Sunshine” track is soooooo unbelievably cool….Nina Simone and her “Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter” is my track that I can’t ever misplace…one of my alltime fave tracks.

  6. has To Be Lord Mr Ford by Jerry Reed..If That song doesn’t lift you up, none will…

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