How Will It All End?

Check this out:

After reading all that stuff I feel pretty damn lucky to be sitting here right now. It made me feel as if we are living on borrowed time. I feel a sudden urge to go sky diving, trek through Europe, learn the bass guitar, try my hand at stand-up comedy, and visit all my relatives.

Personally, I think it’s all going to come to an end when something collides with earth. Could be a comet, or a star, or some other sort of space debris! I’m thinkin’ 2030 or something like that.

How & When do you think it will end?


6 thoughts on “How Will It All End?

  1. I think the universe is like a living organism. One night another universe friend is going to come over with a 12 pack and a fifth of rum. This is the friend that the universe’s wife hates and goes to her sister’s when he comes over.

    Anyway, once the universal wife leaves they start watching a football game and drinking, first beer, then rum–straight, no chaser. Finally the friend breaks out some killer skunk weed, you know, the kind you swear is laced with x or acid or something. The universe remembers that he has some klonapin and xanax in the medicine cabinet, then they find some oxcontin and vicadin. “God damn,” the universe says, this is just like the old days. Remember those fucking dinosaurs and mastadons we used to make?”

    The druggie friend says “yeah and then we really fucked them up when we slipped and knocked the Earth off its axis and started that ice age.”

    “oh yeah, I almost forgot about that, that was so fucked up.” Ha ha ha.

    Then once the booze and drugs are all gone, the two universal buddies will run out to the all night liquor store in Las Vegas but their judgement will be a little off. They’ll crash into the Sun. BIG BANG II. And like the old song goes Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights.

  2. Doesn’t the Myan or Aztec calendar end on Dec 22, 2012? Aren’t all the doomsayers taking that to mean that will be the end of the world?
    (Great – my birthday is Dec 22!)

  3. Sunday, December 23, 2012

    So you’re okay… although some sources claim that it’s the 21st! Let’s hope it’s the 23rd though… That way you can party HARD and it won’t matter the next day because we’ll all be gone anyway!

  4. I think that the world will end when we let go of ourselves…it does not mean that everything else has to be gone too….perhaps I am just a freak who would like to think we can all defy nature …. and the “end” comes through our minds…aren’t we supposed to believe in life ever after….if we all die at the same time..we will all be together again…what a party that will be!

    DJ, my birthday is December 18th…and I strongly believe in the Mayan calendar…never seems to be wrong..look at the sun’s reflection with the spring Equinox on the shadow that the diamond back snakes head casts on the pyramid in Chicenitza…it is amazing.I was there to witness it..what a long day…phew

  5. You know that they’ll broadcast it live on CNN with analysis from experts a plenty, thats if they dont have it on Pay per view though.

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