Tipping… It’s Getting Out of Hand

Are you forever reaching into your pocket to tip people for services rendered? It seems that EVERYONE wants a tip these days! I do tip (generously) when I go out for a nice meal or go to the bar to tie one on, but lately i’ve been seeing tip jars in some pretty unusual places; like dry cleaners, sub shops, coffee stores, and tanning salons.

I don’t understand why I have to tip someone who pours me a cup of coffee and maybe adds a little bit of milk to it. After all, they did choose to pour people coffee for a living right?! So why do we (the public) have to then tip this person for doing their job?! Shouldn’t it be the employer’s responsibility to provide a competetive salary?!

The tipping lines are beginning to get blurry and frankly i’m getting confused! So I tip when I go to a restaurant that has a waiter or waitress, but not at a fast food joint! I tip at a bar (where they pour drinks), but not at a coffee shop… where they also pour drinks. I tip at the hairdresser when I go to get my hair done, but not at the seamstress shop where I get my dress altered.

It seems as if the customers of these establishments are paying for the fact that these employers pay their employees insulting wages! The more that I think about it, the more that I think tipping is stupid & unneccesary! If companies would just pay their employees appropriately then we wouldn’t need tipping in the first place!

The tipping thing is just starting to become a bit much! The next think you know we’ll be expected to tip the doctor who delivers our baby in the hospital, and the cable guy who comes to install our cable. WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE????

Instances where I feel that tipping is appropriate:

Tattoo Parlours: Some artist just spent 2 hours staring at your ass and then turned it into a masterpiece! This dude is skilled and is 100% deserving!!!

Hair Salon: You went in looking like hell. Split ends, fucked-up colour (that you tried to do yourself) and no shape. You walked out with silky smooth hair, an awesome cut, and colour that could put you in the pages of a magazine! They made you feel HOT… You tip, & you tip good!

Restaurant: You go out for a nice meal with friends or family. The poor waitress puts up with either; the pig, the complainer, the lolly gagger, or the cheap ass in your party. She does whatever you ask, and does it with a smile! You leave a nice tip!!

Cab Driver: You and your drunk friends hop in a cab after a bar and give the most unintelligable directions ever! Somehow the cabbie manages to decipher your drunken language and it translates into an address. You get home safe… You tip!

And any sort of food/booze delivery service… and people who dance naked for you.


2 thoughts on “Tipping… It’s Getting Out of Hand

  1. Don’t forget pay pal donations on web sites and blogs.

    I unfortunately tip EvErYwHeRe. Now I don’t have to, thanks to Lingo Slinger’s Guide to Tipping.

  2. Yes, another good example!! I can see making a donation if it’s for a worthy cause, but not just because some dude (or chick) can’t afford to keep his/her website online…

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